Top 10 Food and Beverage Trade Shows in 2024

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving, as are trade fairs for food and beverages. This is driven by consumer trends, technological advancements, and global market dynamics. Every year, top organizations in the industry work to define and strategize their presence in food and beverage trade shows.

However, attending international food trade shows is a great way to stay ahead of the curve, network with industry leaders, and discover new products and innovations. Look out for the top exhibition stand builders to make you shine at every trade fair for the food and beverage industry.

Read on to learn about the top 10 food and beverage trade shows you should mark on your calendar for 2024.

10 Best Food and Beverages Industry Trade Shows in 2024 To Exhibit


It is important to know the right trade fairs for food and beverages to exhibit, as it benefits your brand. Well, we understand that and have got you covered. Look at the list of the top 10 food and beverages industry trade shows in 2024 given below –

1. World of Coffee

Dates: June 27-29, 2024
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

World of Coffee is a premier event for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. This food and beverages trade show will be held under the flagship of the Speciality Coffee Association. This annual trade show brings together coffee roasters, baristas, industry experts, and interested visitors worldwide. By participating in World of Coffee 2024, you can explore the latest trends in coffee brewing. Plus! Attend workshops and participate in competitions. Thus, participating in this trade show is an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders and discover the future of coffee.


2. IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo

Dates: July 14-17, 2024
Location: Chicago, USA

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo is the largest B2B food technology show. It is a must-attend event for food scientists, technologists, and industry professionals. This event comprehensively overviews the latest research, innovations, and food science and technology trends. Moreover, this Europe’s food and beverage trade show welcomes over 1,000 exhibitors and numerous educational sessions. Therefore, it’s a vital platform for staying updated on industry advancements.


3. SIAL Paris

Dates: October 19-23, 2024
Location: Paris, France

SIAL Paris is one of the largest food fairs once a year. This top trade fair for food & beverages event attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from over 200 countries as it is a global business showcases the latest innovations in the food sector. In addition, it allows exhibitors to connect with food manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and institutional and commercial catering representatives under one roof. This food exhibition in Europe showcases various food products, beverages, and food service equipment. In short, it is an ideal event for discovering new products and trends in the global food industry.


4. Fi Europe

Dates: November 19-21, 2024
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Food Ingredients Europe (Fi Europe) is a leading event for food and beverage trade shows. This food exhibition in Europe 2024 gathers suppliers and buyers worldwide, offering a platform to explore new ingredients and meet suppliers. Most importantly, participants get to learn about the latest industry trends. Fi Europe 2024 welcomes exhibitors to discuss their challenges and needs. So, CPL can assist you in addressing all these challenges and enable you to grow your ingredients business.  However, this trade show is known for its focus on innovation and sustainability, making it a key event for anyone involved in food production and development.


5. Peterfood

Dates: November 12-14, 2024
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Peterfood was established in 1991 and is a significant event in the Russian food industry. This food and beverage industry event is an international exposition for food and food technology. Peterfood 2024 attracts manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers from across the region. The name Peterfood combines “Peter,” which refers to the city of St. Petersburg, with “food.” It offers a unique opportunity to explore the market network with industry professionals. Thus, participating in this event can help you discover new products and trends.


6. Food Tech Expo

Dates: November 26-28, 2024
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Food Tech Expo is a key event for food processing and packaging professionals. This trade fair for the food and beverage industry showcases the latest technologies and solutions, including machinery, packaging, and processing equipment. Attendees can explore innovative technologies, meet suppliers, and learn about the latest advancements in food processing.


7. Horeca

Dates: November 6-8, 2024
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Horeca is the leading hospitality and food service exhibition in the Middle East. This trade fair for the food and beverage industry attracts professionals from the hospitality, catering, and food service industries. It offers a platform that showcases products and services, including food and beverages, kitchen equipment, and hospitality technologies. Horeca is known for its diverse range of exhibitors and its focus on innovation and quality.


8. Caffe Culture

Dates: 1-2 October, 2024
Location: London, UK

Caffe Culture 2024 is the most comprehensive trade show for the cafe and bar industry. This trade fair for food and beverage industry professionals features 120 premium exhibitors exhibiting their innovative products and services. Participants can discover many innovative products and services, including coffee roasters, equipment suppliers, food and beverage producers, technology companies, and more. Moreover, Caffe Culture 2024 will feature an engaging program designed to educate, inform, and inspire visitors from all areas of the coffee industry.


9. World Dairy Expo

Date: 1 – 4 October, 2024
Location: Madison, United States

World Diary Expo 2024 will be held at Alliant Center in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. This food and beverage trade show is the largest worldwide dairy trade show. The platform will welcome over 1600 exhibitors and 75,000 attendees from 100 countries, opening gates to numerous amazing opportunities. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for all companies in the dairy industry.


10. Street Food Live 2024

Dates: October 15-16, 2024
Location: London

Street Food Live 2024 Expo is the largest food and beverage trade show. Here, the leading suppliers and vendors showcase their innovative street food solutions. In addition, you can get a chance to attend seminars full of inspirational successes and industry experts and gain knowledge to speed up the fastest-growing food sector in the UK.


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In conclusion, attending the top food and beverage trade shows in 2024 is important for staying ahead in this dynamic field. These unparalleled platforms offer amazing opportunities to network with industry leaders, discover innovative products, make profitable business relationships, and gain insights into market trends. Businesses can enhance visibility and establish valuable connections by participating in these premier trade shows. Ensure your brand stands out by partnering with top exhibition stand builders and making the most of these top food and beverages trade shows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top Food and Beverages Trade Shows in 2024

Q.1. What is the largest food exhibition in Europe?

The largest food exhibition in Europe is SIAL Paris (Salon International de l’Alimentation), held biennially in Paris, France. SIAL Paris 2024 is a major global food industry event, attracting thousands of exhibitors and visitors worldwide.

Q.2. What are the biggest trade shows in the world?

Some of the biggest trade shows in the world include:

  • SIAL Paris
  • FI Europe
  • World Of Coffee
  • IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo
Q.3. What are trade shows referred to as in Europe?

In Europe, trade shows are usually called “trade fairs” or “exhibitions.

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