Avoid Top 10 Trade Show Mistakes

Top 10 Trade Show Mistakes to avoid for a successful event

Mistakes are a part of life. Yet it is essential to understand that even if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, generally there are some errors that creep in while organizing a trade show. Thus, we bring you an insight to some of the top trading show errors as avoiding them would bring you a step closer to portraying your super smart marketing skills.

  • Making it big

Trade show organizer generally consider themselves to be the big dogs on the block, yet if you are fresh to the niche of marketing, then investing in an inline of 10 * 10 or 10 * 20. There are plenty of organizations that participate in plenty of trade shows each year. It is highly recommended to avoid spending colossal sums on secondary trade shows while the same money can be utilized to generate more leads.

  • Non specification of goals

There are several companies that are on autopilot mode when it comes to showcasing their marketing skills. Nevertheless, when it comes to showcasing their respective trading skills, the response is generally vague. It is either they want enhanced sales or generation of leads. Taking services of highly professional event organizer like Fountainhead proves to be highly beneficial in carving a niche for you in the respective trade event/show. The 3D environment mandates perfect execution of exhibit designs and picturesque stalls.

  • Freebies and gifts

The gifts offered at trade shows should serve a specific purpose and be in context of the subject of the exhibition stand. For instance, it sounds lame if a software company gives away plastic bottle at trade show floor. The freebies should primarily serve the purpose of engaging potential clients in conversation. The gifts should attract quality leads instead of unqualified leads that are vague.

  • Untrained staff

Training is essential to gather insight to the minds of potential leads. Take the event as a job interview wherein you are required to put your best foot forward and convince the clients to take your products and services.

  • Follow up

It is a well known saying, “failing to plan is planning to sure shot failure.” Poor follow up is a big no as that would keep the ropes hanging. Do not neglect the leads gathered at the show and make well laid plans to have the follow ups.

  • Booth preparation

Whenever a guest is expected, efforts are made for dusting, cleaning and brooming to make the home look presentable and appeasing. The same scenario fits for exhibit stands. Each day is a fresh beginning in trade shows. Thus, it’s gotta look perfect to impress the visitors and keep them glued to your stall.

  • Socialize

Trade shows sometimes appear as friendly gathering and yet, they have a healthy competitive spirit. Repercussions are witnessed for unpleasant things at inappropriate places. It’s interesting to know what people have to say after a few drinks. Nevertheless, it should be noted that socializing should not interfere with your trade show responsibilities.

  • Pack and unpack

The key to success in any event is proper planning. Packing your booth essentials is important as unpacking it. Take your exhibit as yarn that requires careful winding and unwinding like yarn ball.

  • Participating at relevant events

Ask for specifics of the event like lead numbers, potential sales and promotional tactics to get a fair enough idea of whether it will be beneficial for your respective brand. For instance, it sounds absurd if you are promoting candy at a diabetic’s convention.

  • Pre show marketing

It is sometimes the best way to seek attention is pre show marketing. Pre show mailings, emails, advertising and contests all are equally important to active industry presence. In case there are venues for taking risks, then they are trade shows. Last but not the least, stay bold and beautiful for the ultimate showdown!

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