K-SHOW 2025

Trade Show Information

Exhibitions are organized to gather industry experts, exhibitors, and interested people in the industry. Exhibitors attend exhibitions to enhance their customer base. But most exhibitors get confused about which exhibition would be best for their company.

If you belong to the plastic and rubber industry, K-SHOW Dusseldorf 2025 will be the best for you as a world-leading company, and experts in the industry will gather together to share their thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, exhibition Stand suppliers in Dusseldorf are ready to offer exhibition stands to the exhibitors.

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K-SHOW 2025

K-SHOW is the world's leading trade event in the rubber and plastic industry. This trade event will take place from 08 October 2025 to 26 October 2025 in Dusseldorf.  Exhibitors from all over the world come together at the Dusseldorf to demonstrate the operational excellence of the industry.

Exhibitors will also demonstrate the active chart for the future together with visitors. Several exhibitors have already booked their trade show stand from Exhibition Stand Builder in Dusseldorf.

The main aim of the trade event will be climate and nature protection, circular economy, and digitalization. This trade show has become the experts' relevant meeting point for the rubber and plastic industry.

In the past event held in 2019, more than 225,000 visitors and 3,300 exhibitors participated in K-SHOW. It is expected that this year, k-Show will surpass this number. In addition, this edition of this trade event will provide a comprehensive experience by featuring a wide diversity of products.

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K-SHOW will provide an incredible platform for exhibitors to promote their products and company. It will also provide information about the rubber and plastic industry.