Spiel Messe

Trade Show Information

The days of the international game "Spiel" are the largest trade show in the world of toys and games and offers a unique opportunity to get the full and detailed information about the full offering of national and international games. Nowhere else in the arena is it represented as widely as here. In this shared positive experience, new products are introduced to the market and gain new ideas and game trends. Viewers invite you to many tables to explore and play with you. The entertainers show, how the games work and explain the unknown. From chess to classic card games to kids, strategy, skills and computer games can all be found here. Even for young children, game days are very special. A variety of high quality toys are just waiting to be tested and recorded. Bobby car and skate prevention course, bouncy castle and gym and family garden invites you to participate and enjoy.
There is no trade show that represents the full range of games like Spiel did. It is rightly regarded as one of the largest commercial shows of toy games and comic book sales. Small and large exhibition stands accompany the exhibition with new and unique products that visitors to the event will not see elsewhere.
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