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Petfood Forum 2024 Information

Petfood Forum 2024 is the largest and premium exhibition and conference for pet food manufacturing and its serving. For 32 years, this event has brought together thousands of professionals and experts from the industry. This has been a prominent event for the global pet food industry. The Petfood Forum 2024 provides the opportunity to learn the latest research and innovative information relevant to the industry. Attending this event opens doors to many opportunities for Petfood Forum exhibitors, as a huge number of visitors and experts will be coming to this event. 

So if you plan to exhibit at Petfood Forum 2024, you should start looking for services like exhibition stand builders in the USA. Once you reach out to these professionals, you can sit back and prepare for your presentation. They will handle everything from planning to execution. Read on to learn more about Petfood Forum 2024. 

Petfood Forum 2024 Dates and Location

Petfood Forum 2024 is all set to be held from 29 April to 1 May 2024, i.e., Monday to Wednesday in Kansas City, Missouri, the United States. So buckle up! The day is near. Start looking for the top exhibition stand fabricators in the USA to shine bright among your competitors.  

Quick Info About Petfood Forum USA 2024


 29 April to 1 May 2024


 Kansas City Convention Center


 Kansas City


 United States 

Product Type

 Meal, Pets





Current Portfolio Of Petfood Forum 2024

The Petfood Forum 2024 is not only happening in the USA, it is taking place in several other places worldwide. We have given the latest portfolio of Petfood Forum 2024, which includes:

  • Petfood Essentials 
  • Petfood Forum Asia
  • Petfood Forum China
  • Petfood Forum Europe

What Are The Events To Be Host in Petfood Forum 2024?

The conference will start on 29 April 2024, but it will kick off on 30 April. 

  • On 30th April, the opening keynote will be given by Daniel Levine (Director of Avant-Guide Institute
  • On 1 May, Tamara Ghandour (Founder of Launch Street and creator of the Innovative Quotient Edge assessment) will guide using this tool to unlock innovative minds. 
  • In between, both events, Lavine and Ghandour’s presentation and concurrent session tracks will enlighten you about the latest research and insights relevant to the industry. 

However, during these three days, the Petfood Forum 2024 will be hosting many more events. So don’t miss this opportunity to network and learn about tips and tricks to grow your brand. 

Why Should You Participate in Petfood Forum 2024?

Participating in the Petfood Forum 2024 can offer numerous benefits for individuals and businesses involved in the pet food industry. Here are several reasons why you should consider participating:

Networking: Forge connections with industry peers, suppliers, and experts to explore collaborations and gain valuable insights for business growth and development in the pet food sector.

Get Educated: Participating in Petfood Forum 2024 will give access to sessions led by industry leaders to enhance knowledge and skills, leveraging expert guidance to optimize product development, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency.

Showcase Your Product: Utilize the platform to showcase innovative products and services to a targeted audience. Consequently, fostering brand visibility, generating leads, and establishing credibility within the pet food industry.

Get Market Insights: Gain valuable intelligence on consumer preferences, market trends, and emerging opportunities. It enables you to make informed decisions and strategic planning to capitalize on evolving demands and maximize business success.

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In conclusion, Petfood Forum 2024 is the premier event for the pet food industry, offering three days of innovation and collaboration. With 32 years of history, it provides invaluable insights, networking, and access to cutting-edge research. Keynote presentations by industry leaders and concurrent sessions offer a wealth of knowledge. You can also take the assistance of top exhibition stand builders to mark an ever-lasting impression at the event.