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Shell Scheme Stand Design

At, FountainHead, we the Shell Scheme Stands Manufacturers enable the creation of great concepts to get the utmost efficiency that you are looking for your shell scheme stalls. The cost-effective solutions we provide work for the virtual communication of the message of a brand. The themes and the branding-based messages on these shell scheme stands will work as the pop-up display stand that is lightweight yet transportable.

The process we follow in designing shell schemes to make the project successful, first of all, our exhibition stand designers go ahead with figuring out the inspiring displays that will become creative and innovative for your exhibition.

Then, we undertake the stand-building procedure. Our exhibition stand builders concentrate on the production facilities and carry out their working procedures in the production workshop. They also built and rebuilt the exhibition stand with no limitations.

Then it goes for the procedure of project management. There are exhibition stand planning and project managers stay dedicated to managing the project right from start to finish. They will ensure making the whole process is it throughout.

Then, our expert staff go ahead with banner additions, the addition of the audiovisual furniture, and showcases. They will ensure that the essentials are covered.

We understand that the shell scheme ranges from posters as well as pristine outlook-bearing models. Some shell schemes also come inclusive of the walls and the graphic panels. We ensure that we followed the stepwise approach to making them look dynamic and unrecognisable.

For designing the shell scheme, we always use the fixing shelves for the product display. We do so by utilising AV for demonstration as well as video looping.

Besides these, we also utilise the setting custom lighting effects that will create an enticing environment. You will love it whenever you see it because we always make the right decisions for you.

Why to choose us for the Shell Scheme Stand Designing?

    • Shell schemes that come with a range of advanced features
      Usually, the shell scheme exhibitor comes with an event that starts with the same blank canvas. But, it's not good to always stick to the same pattern as that of your competitor. Depending upon the exhibition type, we will design the shell scheme with standard walls, carpet, lighting, as well as the power socket.


    • Standard and out-of-the-box concepts Our Shell Scheme Stands Manufacturer use the custom designing installation structures that will visualize the actual stall right at the venue. You will get plenty of hybrids and custom stand design types with us that will never copy other concepts.


    • The quality themes and lighting options
      We, the shell scheme booth supplier in the Netherlands can fulfill your expectations for the next exhibition by getting a proper idea about the brand guidelines. We also place the objects, lighting effects and the needed themes correctly and ethically. Again, when it comes to lighting and color, we include the team of designers and show organizers who give their custom plan regarding the lighting setup. The front-end graphics also work as the key visual points. At every step, we keep in mind the higher branding, eye-level branding, as well as the lower-level branding.


Why shell schemes?

Usually, the shell scheme system comes with a 1-metre module that can go ahead extending up to any size. They are quite small and sometimes less than 20 square meters. The exhibition organisers usually suggest exhibitions arranging shell scheme stands that have less than 20 square meters in size.

Though they come as the basic form yet when designed, they give a new look to the exhibition. The shell schemes usually come with the basic walls, carpet tiles, as well as the company name board. However, you can also go with the added customizations like the addition of flowers, lighting, and other elements.

When you plan out the stand optimally, you can use furniture for physically laying out the design easily. There is no other exhibition stand the idea that can provide so good a performance as the shell scheme.

You can also plan it out how you want it to be in design. The shell scheme you will get gives the comfort of setting customs to draw the attention of visitors. It also allows them to ask a few questions. In this way, the showcase becomes a display of the seamless graphic panels.

You’ll also get the printed display stands along with the fabric display, promotional ideas, and branded bunting ideas. When it comes to the shell schemes lighting up the shell schemes is also easy. You can add eye-catching decorations according to your choices by including flowers and plants. The furnishing develops a comfortable environment that will start engaging your visitors.