Aluminium Dusseldorf 2024

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Aluminium Dusseldorf  2024 Overview

The Aluminium Düsseldorf Exhibition & Conference is among the top events globally. Established in 1997, it attracts aluminum producers and processors from around the globe, and the accompanying conference provides a forum for technical and business-related topics.

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Aluminium Dusseldorf Germany 2024

The Aluminium Dusseldorf is one of the leading trade shows of the Aluminium industry. It is the international meeting point for Aluminium manufacturers, processors, suppliers of semi-finished products, and more, along with the entire value chain from more than 100 countries. It takes place every 2 years. Aluminium Dusseldorf will take place from 8 Oct 2024 to 10 Oct 2024.

The show focuses on the solutions for automotive, engineering, building, construction, and more. This exhibition represents the latest technology in heat, extrusion, sewing, and more to the interested international audience.

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An Aluminium exhibition will help you increase your company's visibility to the interested international audience. This place is suitable for discovering new ideas, establishing new contact,  and gaining valuable insights into the latest technology in the industry.


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