BioFach 2024 in Nurnberg

Trade Show Information

BioFach 2024 Trade Show

BioFach 2024 is the leading natural and organic food industry trade show. Participate in this trade show and get a chance to network with industry leaders and build business partnerships. BioFach 2024 is a comprehensive platform for industry stakeholders to showcase and explore the ongoing trends, latest developments, and innovations in the industry.  

At BioFach 2024 Nurnberg from organic farmers and food producers to certified bodies and retailers converge exhibitors will present their products and services. Consequently, raising the competition bar high. To attract visitors, potential customers, and industry leaders to your trade show booth, you can take the help of exhibition stand builders in Nuremberg, Germany. They ensure the building of compelling and astonishing booths. Read on to learn more about the BioFach 2024 trade show. 

BioFach 2024 Trade Show Dates and Location

The BioFach 2024 trade show location will be Messe Nuremberg, Germany, from 13 February to 16 February 2024, i.e., Tuesday to Friday. 

Theme Sectors Of BioFach Nuremberg 2024 

BioFachg Nuremberg 2024 has been a turning point for many businesses. Moreover, this event will include many special congress platforms such as congress, forums, and competitions. BioFach 2024 has been divided into ten main sectors including:

  • Fresh Food
  • Frozen Food
  • Grocery Product Drinks
  • Grocery Products Cooking and Baking
  • Grocer Products Sweets and Snacks
  • Other Grocery Products
  • Non-Food
  • Raw materials, Supplies
  • Media, Service Providers
  • Technology and Equipment

Some Critical Information About BioFach 2024

BioFach Nuremberg 2024 will be complemented by VIVANESS- covering natural personal care. In addition, it has been noticed that BioFach witnessed 3700+ exhibitors and 50,000 visitors across the globe. With the theme “The organic system- healthy in a holistic approach” it will be covering 80,000 sq m of exhibition space. 

The BioFach 2024 was established in 1990 in Nuremberg, Germany. It is recognized as the world’s leading trade fair for organic products. Importantly, BioFach Nurnberg 2024 will serve as a core of the organic industry. 

What Are The Items Can Be Exhibited At BioFach 2024?

BioFach 2024 trade show is open for various companies to showcase services and products related to the following : 

  • Organic Food
  • Basic Food and Raw Materials
  • Raw Materials and Additives 
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Delicatessen
  • Convenience Products
  • Natural Products
  • Aroma Therapy 
  • Food Supplements

And Many More.. 

What Makes BioFach 2024 Special?

Since the last few editions of BioFach, it has been revolving around zero waste, vegetarian and vegan ingredients, and products. In addition, other products like gluten-free, lactose-free, and exotic as well as protein-containing foodstuffs. 

Therefore, the same will be seen at BioFach 2024 Nuremberg, Germany that too with innovative packaging. 

Benefits Of Participating In BioFach 2024

Participate in the BioFach 2024 trade show and open doors to amazing opportunities:

Network: By exhibiting in this trade show you will get a chance to network with industry specialists and forge new business relationships. 

Advertisement: The BioFcah 2024 trade show is a great opportunity to advertise your brand, services, and products. As 400+ media representatives from 20+ countries will be present offering a powerful PR platform. 

Stay Updated: The BioFach 2024 trade show provides extensive information about the organic sectors of its products and services. Also, you can get enlightened about the latest developments in the sector. With the involvement of VIVANESS, get a chance to know about current developments in the natural cosmetic sector. 

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In conclusion, BioFach 2024 trade focuses on the organic food industry and its ten main theme sectors. Further, it will be complemented by VIVANESS - covering natural personal care. During these four days, some top industry specialists and targeted audiences can be seen. A great networking opportunity, making profitable business deals, and attracting customers. So installing a compelling booth is very important to shine out among your competitors. You can look out for the assistance of exhibition booth builders in Nuremberg, Germany.