Tips on Building an Extraordinary 10×10 Trade Show Booth

Trade show booth has a spectrum of designs and ideas, among one is a 10×10 trade show booth. It’s a small booth yet it has immersive uses and qualities. This industry is currently at $42 billion and it is predicted that the number will reach $52.68 billion in the coming Five years.

You can get an idea of how fast the industry is growing. With this growth, we can see that leaders from all sectors are stepping into the game of exhibitions. You too should participate but how will you stand out? People do say that large displays capture the most attention but it’s not true, even 10×10 trade show booth displays can help you stand out and attract people towards you.10 x 10 Trade Show Booth Tips

Our tips make no difference whether you are a new exhibitor or exhibiting for years, we have something for all. In today’s edition of the blog, you will learn about the benefits of building an extraordinary 10×10 trade show booth.

7 Effective Tips to Design 10X10 Trade Show Booths for New Exhibitors

Here are some tips that you can incorporate as an idea for your next 10×10 booth design ideas in the next exhibition.

Add Something Indistinctive of Yours

In exhibitions, you must be spending a huge amount of money including marketing. What’s the use of it, if you can outshine yourself, or if you aren’t getting leads from it? Right? This only leaves you with the option of outshining yourself throughout. We know the 10×10 booth design is the smallest design among all the booths, but that doesn’t stop you from presenting yourself in the most out-shown way.

In your booth you can add something unique, that only you represent, to make a difference for you. You can use banners, LEDs, and posters covered around your booth. Through this, you can showcase your distinctive offerings and capture a good sight view.

presenting in the most out-shown way

Create a Section Showcasing Your Product

Ask your exhibition stand contractor to separate a section for you to showcase your product. Attendees get to know about your brand message, values, and offerings but they should also know about the products you are offering. Also, displaying your product can attract attendees even from afar. Choose the correct position to align your product. If you have a new product to launch, display it there but if not then display your best-seller product. Also, ask your staff to prepare well to answer visitors’ questions and also provide them with knowledge about your other products too.

Add Limited and Required Furniture

‘Less the furniture, more the people.’ This is simple, if you add more furniture to your trade show booth display and cover it with that unwanted furniture then you are somewhat disrupting the visitors to visit your booth. If your booth has more space that would tempt visitors to visit your booth. There are many reasons, one among them is, that the audience can choose your booth to stand away from the crowd, and through that, they can look after your booth. You should focus on adding a chair, table, or any other furniture only if it is required. Don’t bulge your space.

Do not bulge your space.

Focus on the Theme

Your booth theme is the utmost important thing you can do. For example, you can elaborate on this to your exhibition booth builder to build a booth in the shape that showcases my product. By this, you are creatively presenting your brand message and also giving out a clear demonstration of your product. One thing that you should focus is on the alignment of everything.

You can try representing the booth through your brand’s color. This will give your booth space a distinctive look and also attract visitors to your booth. Any industry like food, fashion, and others can adopt this technique, it will work out.

Use Social Media

The Internet is the biggest source for spreading anything and social media holds the majority of space. It is a great resource for marketing. The world has moved to social media. People grab news on social media first and then read it in a newspaper or any article. You can perform pre-campaigning and post-campaigning both through social media. We understand there would be a percentage of the audience that doesn’t need social media marketing to know about the show but there would be the other percentage of the audience that isn’t aware. Use social media for them.

You can post regularly on your pages on all social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others. This will provide them the knowledge of your show. Also, during the show you can simply add your social media handles to the banners or ask your staff to ask the visitors to follow your page. Train your staff appropriately. This is your chance to utilize it fully.

Don’t go for Box

Box can limit your space. The 10×10 booth design is already a small booth and if you choose a box design, then it will make it look even smaller. Always go for an open design, be creative while designing your booth. We as an exhibition stand designing company can help you build that.

While designing the booth, always think of the audience. Your aim should be to convert the attendees into your potential clients. The booth space should look ravishing and astounding in its appearance. Add a screen displaying your video and alongside add a sitting area for visitors to sit, relax, and watch your video. The sitting area always acts as a plus point for the booth.

Include Fun Activities

What’s fun when there is no game? In the booth, add some fun activities like games. Focus on creating games that are only and only related to your brand. The games should provide value for your brand. Train your staff the way they truly attract and engage visitors to the booth. This is your chance to collect information. So, don’t forget to take advantage of letting participants sign up. Create a form and ask attendees to fill it. And you never know, these games might become a word of mouth in the exhibition, which later helps you create a lasting impression among the audience.

We understand the design of a 10×10 trade show booth may seem a challenging task. Still, with careful planning and creativity, it can become a powerful tool for achieving your objectives. To achieve it, set clear goals, and create an eye-catching environment. If you are confused about how to implement this, we at Fountainhead International B.V. can understand your needs and demands.

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