Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

Exhibition stands are on a spree of continuous evolvement since the inception of designs, display and experience. Moreover, the notion of exhibit environment is on a rising spree and the stakes involved are definitely not low. Designing of booths is a serious proposition and the major trade events give much importance to the designing and making of exhibition booth stands to ensure that revenues are generated and profits keep rolling in. the exhibition space is an important part of sales and marketing strategy with eye catching visuals to attract the potential customers towards the respective stalls of the company.

We, therefore, bring you an insight to the eye catching exhibition booth samples to help you stand apart from the crowd:

They are a great way for lead retrievals. The attendees can be engaged in contests or other activities on site and at the same time, they can be added to the databases. It is definitely an innovative lead generation strategy to keep the attendees engaged and impressed.

Use RFID at booth

Clarity in exhibition booth design

Generally, people are attracted to booths that are usually pique or speak about things they feel interested. To put it alternatively, being abstract or quirky can actually backfire. Sponsors should be encouraged to come up with short taglines or slogan that defines their respective brand or serve as introduction to them.


Exhibition boothdesign experts recommend that white spaces are highly beneficial in highlighting your graphics and popping up the logos. Thus, efforts must be made not to put too many images and keep the spaces clean and simple with a few inviting graphics.


Incentivizing people to invite them to your exhibition booth stands is a great idea. The freebies could include free Wi-Fi, a unique piece of swag or discount coupons.

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