Euro Blech 2024

Trade Show Information

EuroBlech 2024 Trade Show Information

EuroBlech 2024 is an excellent exhibition for the metalworking technology chain. This trade show is going to be the 27th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, organized by Mack Brooks Exhibition Ltd. The EuroBlech 2024 covers the entire metal working chain - offering an amazing environment for a global audience. It proves to be a unique platform to network with industry professionals, transfer knowledge, and build business relations. 

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EuroBlech 2024 Dates, Timings, and Location

EuroBlech 2024 is set held from 22 October to 25 October 2024 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds in Germany and timings are expected to be 9:00 - 18:00. So book your dates and start looking out for the best exhibition stand designers in Hannover to shine out among others. 

Items That Can Be Displayed At The Euro Bleck 2024

Are you confused about what are the products that can be displayed at the EuroBlech 2024? Well, don’t worry, because we have listed them below. Let’s have a look:

  • Sheet Metal / Tube / Sections (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
  • Finished Products
  • Handling
  • Separation
  • Cutting
  • Forming
  • Flexible Sheet Working
  • Tube Processing
  • Machine Elements
  • Sheet Metal and Plastic Hybrid Structures Processing
  • Joining / Welding / Fastening
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Surface Treatment of Meta Sheet 
  • Tools 
  • Dice
  • Measuring and Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Processing
  • Hardware and Software
  • Factory and Warehouse Equipment
  • Environmental Protection
  • Recycling
  • Research and Development
  • Safety at Work


Major Offerings Of The EuroBlech 2024

The exhibition hall of the EuroBlech 2024 is divided into 6 specially designated segments. It will present everything related to the metalworking technology that you may need to start the new trading season:

  • Original Design
  • Young Generation
  • The Factory Of The Future
  • Women and Innovation
  • Academic Excellence
  • Clean Technology


Critical Information About The EuroBlech 2024

The EuroBlech 2024 will be spreading over nine exhibition halls and covering all the segments in the sector, which includes sheet metal, tube, sections, finished products, handling, forming, cutting, and more. The exhibition profile of the EuroBlech 2024 is focused on innovation and can deliver high-quality solutions to the most sophisticated innovation equipment requirements. Moreover, recently, the Euro Blech launched its first innovation digital summit, which attracted around 5500 international participants from 91 different countries. 

EuroBlech 2024 Exhibitor List

If you are planning to participate in the EuroBlech 2024 trade show, then you should have an idea about your fellow exhibitors. Subsequently, we have kept this factor in mind; and provided a EuroBlech 2024 exhibitor list below:

  • Amada GmbH
  • TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen SE + Co. KG 
  • Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A. 
  • Southco Europe Ltd
  • 1960 SARAVESI
  • 1A STAR Technische Kunststoffe GmbH
  • 247TailorSteel Deutschland GmbH
  • A. Piovan Srl

And many more..

Benefits Of Exhibiting At The EuroBlech 2024

Participating in the EuroBlech 2024 Hannover opens doors to many opportunities for your brand and proves highly beneficial. Some of the major benefits of exhibiting at this event are listed below: 

  • Global Reach and Networking: EuroBlech 2024 provides a global stage to connect with industry professionals, decision-makers, and potential clients, fostering international partnerships and expanding market reach.
  • Stay Updated: Exhibit and access the latest advancements in sheet metal processing technology, staying ahead of industry trends, and showcasing commitment to innovation.
  • Brand Exposure and Leadership: Showcase expertise, capabilities, and unique offerings, establishing a strong brand presence, building credibility, and gaining recognition as an industry leader.
  • Market Insights and Intelligence: Gain valuable market insights, understand customer preferences, and stay informed about industry dynamics, positioning your business strategically for long-term success.


What Are The Industries Will Be Present at EuroBlech 2024?

The industries to which the EuroBlech 2024 belongs, or the industries which are going to be present in the event, are listed below: 

  • Machinery, Industrial Technology / Metals, Metal Products, Hardware, Tools
  • Machinery, Industrial Technology / Machine Tools, Metalworking
  • Machinery, Industrial Technology / Testing, Measuring & Analyzing, Precision Mechanics
  • Machinery, Industrial Technology / Advanced Technology/Materials, Composites, R & D
  • Information, Telecommunication / Telecommunication, Data Processing, Computer
  • Environment / Environmental Protection, Waste Disposal, Recycling


How Fountainhead International B.V. Enables To Exhibit At EuroBlech 2024?

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To conclude, EuroBlech 2024, the 27th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, organized by Mack Brooks Exhibition Ltd., offers a global stage for metalworking innovation. Exhibitors can benefit from networking, global exposure, and access to cutting-edge technology. Despite the potential challenges, services like exhibition stand builders in Hannover ease the process. The event, spanning diverse segments, emphasizes innovation, quality, and sustainability. Fountainhead International B.V. facilitates exhibiting with decade-long expertise in designing captivating stands, ensuring brands shine at EuroBlech 2024.