IAA Commercial Vehicles

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The IAA, International Automobile Exhibition, is considered one of the world's most significant trade fair events for transport, mobility, and logistics. Historically, the IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition took place for the first time in the year 1897 with the presence of just about 8 motor cars in total.

 Still, in the recent period, this trade fair has become one of the most successful yet essential fairs in the automobile industry. As a result, the organizers were reluctantly forced to divide the fair. 

As a result, from 1991, the IAA commercial vehicles came into existence, which always takes place in Hannover during the even year. In contrast, the IAA cars occur in Frankfurt during the odd years. 

What are some crucial details regarding the IAA commercial vehicles, Hannover 2023?

Date of the event- the IAA Commercial Vehicles, Hannover 2023 is a 6 days trade fair and exhibition event set to take place from Tuesday, 05 September 2023 and will continue till Sunday of 10th September 2023 in Hannover, Germany.

Sectors involved in this trade fair- automobile industry, logistics, and transportation, including the auto shows, car exhibitions, factory equipment exhibition, and trade fair along with the trade fair for the various commercial vehicles.

Product groups involved in this trade event- car bodies, containers, Lorries, trucks, transport logistics, workshop equipment, commercial vehicles, maintenance, and repair services.

The IAA commercial vehicles serve as a platform typically designed for the professionals, newcomers, and trainees and also provide the employers with to discover various new exhibition stand contractors in Hannover and different new talents with unique concepts from across the world.


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