ITB Berlin Trade Show

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ITB Berlin Trade Show

ITB Berlin welcomes international buyers and media who want to attract/characterize the German market and work with local suppliers. ITB Berlin focuses on tourism products and services in Germany. If you plan to participate in this trade event, you should buy an exhibition stand from Exhibition Stand Builder in Berlin.

 ITB International Tourism Exchange 2024 Facts & Figures You Shouldn't Miss

Professional decision-makers, industry insiders, and buyers travel from all over the globe to Berlin ITB Berlin 2023 to learn about the latest market trends, network with like-minded professionals, and create a worldwide business.

 It is considered the most important international business platform for the tourism industry since the ITB Berlin Trade Show is the main event of the travel industry. Additionally, exhibitor satisfaction with the International Tourism Exchange Berlin 2024 is extraordinarily high at over 90%.

 The concept of the ITB Berlin trade show:

ITB Berlin 2024 will take place from March 5 to March 7. The world's leading travel show has focused on targeting exhibiting companies, professional visitors, buyers, and the media, as required by international shows in recent years. In addition, the famous ITB Berlin conference, which takes place every year on the sidelines of the exhibition at the Berlin exhibition center, will be broadcast on

 David Ruetz, Director of ITB Berlin, said: "By making ITB Berlin a comprehensive B2B offering, we hope to future-proof the format and significantly promote the brand as a global catalyst for the travel industry. "The show is also improving the relationships with existing customers. We've repeatedly noticed that most of our exhibitors prioritize engaging B2B audiences. Show makers hire an exhibition stand contractor in Berlin to organize the show.

 About the ITB Berlin and the ITB Berlin Convention:

ITB Berlin has held the title of the world's premier travel trade show since 1966. It was a virtual conference in 2022 on the site, in which 60,700 participants from 125 countries participated. The Digital Business Day, held in one day, allowed 2,500 attendees from 96 countries to trade and conduct business from anywhere.

 There was significant international participation, with 78% of customers and suppliers from other countries. Over 20,000 business contacts were made, 14,000 leads were generated, and 3,200 meetings were scheduled. As a result, Digital Business Day was added to the ITB family of brands and perfected the trade show idea.


ITB Berlin trade show is a show which is held in Berlin each year. This article is about the ITB trade show. If you are interested in trade shows, you can not miss this one.

 Make sure to get in touch with the Exhibition Stand Supplier in Berlin as soon as possible to reserve your show stand because this event will increase demand for their services.