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The SMM Hamburg is an international maritime trade fair that is a leading maritime industry fair. It will take place from 3 - 6th Sep 2024 in Hamburg. This blog will briefly overview the SMM and what to expect at the event.

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SMM Hamburg, Germany 2024

 SMM is an international maritime trade fair leading maritime industry fair. SMM is a maritime fair where the essential players in the maritime industry will present their products to the global public.

 SMM fair takes place every two years. The last fair was held in 2018 in Hamburg, Germany. Keep reading to learn about the SMM trade fair.

 This year, the SMM trade fair, also known as the international maritime trade fair, will take place from 3 September 2024 to 6 September 2024 in Hamburg, Germany. This event is a trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery, and marine technology. Visitors and exhibitors will gather here from all over the world. Exhibitors will present their new technologies and products to the visitors who come from worldwide. On the other hand, visitors will learn about the latest technology, innovation, and maritime industry trends.

 It is expected that more than 2300 exhibitors and 50000 visitors will attend the SMM trade fair. Suppose you are planning to attend the SMM trade fair as an exhibitor. Then, you can contact Exhibition Stand Builder in Hamburg to get a fantastic exhibition stand to attract visitors.


SMM trade fair is a machinery and maritime trade fair. It was founded in 1963 and is organized every two years.

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