Upcoming Trade Show Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany 2024

Germany is a hub of trade shows and exhibitions. From top companies to a newly launched company, all come together to showcase their product innovations. Among all the cities in Germany, Dusseldorf is one of the most attractive points for exhibiting. Several exhibitions take place in Dusseldorf.

In 2024, exhibitions in Dusseldorf transform into a buzzing hive of industry brilliance, hosting various trade show exhibitions annually. From pioneering advancements in retail technology at EuroCIS to the cutting-edge world of aluminum explored at the ALUMINIUM Business Summit to the exhilarating realm of boats and watersports at boot Düsseldorf, an event awaits your business.

If you’re a regular professional seeking the latest industry trends, a budding entrepreneur hungry for fresh inspiration, or simply a curious soul captivated by the world’s leading innovations, Dusseldorf’s trade shows offer an exhilarating blend of discovery, connection, and endless possibilities.

Top 5 Upcoming Trade Show Exhibitions in Dusseldorf for 2024

1. Prowein – March 10-12

2. EuroCIS – Feb 27-29

3. Boot – Jan 20-28

4. Metav – Feb 20-23

5. Wire – April 15-19

Let’s know about these shows in detail.


Dates: 03.18.24- 03.22.24,   Days- Monday- Friday,   Duration- 5 Days

Prowein is the international trade fair for wines and spirits. Embark on a global tasting journey, exploring diverse vintages from renowned producers across the globe. Network with winemakers, distributors, and fellow enthusiasts, and discover hidden gems that will tantalize your palate. Prowein promises to uncork a world of flavor and connection, whether you’re a casual sipper or a connoisseur extraordinaire.

EuroCIS Dusseldorf

Dates: 02.27.24- 02.29.24,   Days- Tuesday- Thursday,   Duration- 3 Days

Step into the future of retail, where AI-powered kiosks accept orders, robots restock shelves, and personalized experiences reign supreme. EuroCIS, the leading retail technology trade fair, showcases the cutting-edge solutions revolutionizing the industry. Explore innovative point-of-sale systems, digital signage that captivates, and data-driven insights that unlock hidden customer secrets. Get ready to reimagine retail and create experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Boot Dusseldorf

Dates: 01.20.24- 02.28.24,   Days- Saturday- Sunday,   Duration- 9 Days

The show is a meeting point for the yachts, motorboats, and sailing innovators to meet, discuss, and think about future growth. Here, the industry’s innovations, marine technology, and equipment take center stage. It is a premier exhibition in Dusseldorf.

Get the chance to experience interactive displays, test-drive dream vessels, and network with industry peers. The Boot Dusseldorf promises to set your heart aflutter with every wave, whether you are a regular exhibitor or a newbie.

Metav Dusseldorf

Dates: 02.20.24- 02.23.24,   Days- Tuesday- Thursday,   Duration- 3 Days

It is the world’s leading trade fair for metalworking technology. This exhibition unveils the future of manufacturing. You can attend the exhibition and witness advancements in metal forming, cutting, and joining as robots dance with precision and AI optimizes every process. Network with industry leaders, discover groundbreaking solutions and prepare to witness the evolution of metalworking right before your eyes.


Dates- 04.09.24- 04.12.24,  Days- Tuesday- Friday,   Duration- 4 Days

Wire, the leading trade fair for cables, wires, and electrical machinery, brings together the brightest minds in the industry. Explore pioneering advancements in wire and cable technology, innovative solutions for sustainable energy infrastructure, and cutting-edge applications that connect our world. Network with global players, discover trends shaping the future of electricity and get ready to be energized by the possibilities.

In conclusion, Dusseldorf, Germany, stands as a vibrant hub for trade shows and exhibitions in 2024, offering diverse opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The city hosts premier events like Boot Dusseldorf, Metav, EuroCIS, Prowein, and Wire, each catering to distinct industries such as marine, metalworking, retail technology, wine and spirits, and electrical machinery.

These exhibitions promise a glimpse into the latest innovations and invaluable networking experiences with industry leaders. Dusseldorf’s trade shows provide a platform where discovery, connection, and endless possibilities converge. Make space in your calendars for these exciting events, and be prepared to immerse yourself in the forefront of industry brilliance in 2024.

How can Fountainhead International B.V. Help with Exhibitions in Dusseldorf?

Fountainhead International B.V., a dynamic event management and exhibition services company in Dusseldorf, stands ready to elevate your experience at Dusseldorf’s trade shows in 2024. Our seasoned professionals specialize in crafting tailored solutions for exhibitors, ensuring seamless participation in events like Boot Dusseldorf, Metav, EuroCIS, Prowein, and Wire. From booth design and logistics to strategic networking opportunities, Fountainhead is your partner in making a lasting impression. Let us navigate the intricacies of event planning, allowing you to focus on engaging with industry leaders and maximizing your presence at these premier exhibitions. Discover how Fountainhead can transform your participation into a remarkable success story amid the bustling trade show scene in Dusseldorf.

FAQs About Upcoming Trade Show Exhibitions in Dusseldorf 2024

Q.1. What are the top trade show exhibitions in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2024?

Discover the diverse range of trade shows, including EuroCIS, Prowein, Boot Dusseldorf, Metav, and Wire, showcasing innovations in retail technology, wine and spirits, boats, metalworking technology, and cables/electrical machinery.

Q. 2. When does the Boot Dusseldorf exhibition occur, and what can attendees expect?

Boot Dusseldorf is scheduled from January 20 to January 28, 2024. Attendees can experience the latest yachts, motorboats, and sailing innovations, participate in interactive displays and test-drive vessels, and network with industry peers.

Q.3. What makes Metav Dusseldorf a significant event in 2024, and when is it scheduled?

Metav Dusseldorf, from February 20 to February 23, is the world’s leading trade fair for metalworking technology. Attendees can witness the future of manufacturing, with advancements in metal forming, cutting, and joining, alongside interactions with industry leaders and groundbreaking solutions.

Q.4. Tell me about the focus of EuroCIS Dusseldorf and when it takes place in 2024.

EuroCIS Dusseldorf, occurring from February 27 to February 29, is the leading retail technology trade fair. Explore the future of retail with AI-powered kiosks, robotic shelf restocking, and personalized experiences. The event showcases cutting-edge solutions revolutionizing the retail industry.

Q. 5. What is the significance of Prowein, and when is the trade show scheduled in 2024?

Prowein, the international trade fair for wines and spirits, takes place from March 18 to March 22. Attendees can embark on a global tasting journey, network with industry professionals, and discover diverse vintages from renowned producers worldwide, making it a must-attend event for wine and spirit enthusiasts.

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