Upcoming Trade Show Exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany 2024

Nuremberg, Germany hosts an array of trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year positioning itself as one of the hottest places for international trade. This exhibition in Nuremberg attracts exhibitors from around the world spanning diverse industries. From small companies to big brands everyone gets an equal chance to showcase their brand. These events not only provide opportunities to exhibit products but also to interact with potential clients and stay ahead with the latest industry trends.

In the fast-paced world staying ahead of industry trends and networking with key players is crucial for business owners. Therefore, participating in exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany is an effective way to achieve the goal. As 2024 is already underway, we bring a list of this year’s upcoming trade shows and exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany.

Top 7 Upcoming Trade Show Exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany for 2024

Trade Show Exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany for 2024

Exhibition Details:

1. Euroguss Jan 16 – 18
2. Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair Jan 30- Feb 3
3. IWA Feb 13- March 2
4. BioFach 2024 Feb 13 – 16
5. Vivaness Feb 13 – 16
6. Holz-Handwerk March 19 – 22
7. Embedded World April 9 – 11

Let’s get enlightened about these trade shows in detail:


Dates: Jan 16 – Jan 18           Days: Tuesday – Thursday           Duration: 3 days

Euroguss is an international trade fair for pressure die-casting in Messe Nuremberg, Germany. Discover the cutting-edge die-casting machine, peripheral devices, and software solutions at this 15th edition of the leading international trade fair for die casting from Jan 16 – Jan 18, 2024. By visiting this exhibition in Nuremberg, you can explore new metal alloys, advanced testing methods, hardening, and surface technologies. This trade show can be a great opportunity for companies like molds and dies, hot runner systems and supplies, manufacturing machines, surface treatment, and many more.

Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair

Dates: 30 Jan – 3 Feb           Days: Tuesday – Saturday                Duration: 5 days

Explore the largest toy fair and exhibition in the world at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Bayern, Germany from 30 Jan till 3 Feb 2024. Well-known brands, trendy start-ups, independent retailers, and a large number of media representatives get together to make this fair one-of-a-kind experience. Participating in this event brings a great opportunity for interaction among exhibitors and visitors. You can also get a chance to explore over one million products covering every aspect of the international toy and game industry. From model construction companies, railway models, soft toys, and games, to multi-product groups can exhibit in this Spielwarenmesse toy fair. So, if you wish to visit the world of toys then this fair is the one.


Dates: 29 Feb – 3 March         Days: Thursday – Sunday              Duration: 4days

Stumble on the latest trends for hunting and shooting sports, outdoor articles, and accessories by visiting this exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. IWA Outdoor Classics shows high-quality hunting and fishing equipment, guns & knives, and sports equipment. Companies coming from various levels and international industries participate in this trade show at Nürnberg Messe to showcase their products from 29 Feb – 3 March 2024. In this show, you can stay sure to experience light materials, great comfort, and improved functions. If you have a curiosity to learn about guns and outdoor products then this trade show can be a good opportunity.


Dates: 13 Feb – 16 Feb           Days: Tuesday – Friday             Duration: 4 days

Join the world of organic products at the BioFach trade show at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg Germany from 13 – 16 Feb 2024. Share and learn about each other’s passionate interest in organic food as a large number of exhibitors and customers visit this annual trade fair. From suppliers and international manufacturers to potential customers, all come under one roof to explore the entire spectrum of organic products. Over 3200 exhibitors and approx 51000 professional visitors have already confirmed their participation in this exhibition. Industries like consumer goods, alimentary, biotechnology, drinks, natural food, and organic food can be exhibited in this show. Visiting the BioFach trade show opens compelling opportunities for education, business expansion, contracting, and market development.


Dates:  13 Feb- 16 Feb     Days: Tuesday- Friday      Duration: 4 days

Delve into the trade show for natural beauty and organic personal care held in Nuremberg. From 13 Feb- 16 Feb at Messe Nuremberg, Germany encounter the blend of traditional and modern pioneers from the international cosmetic sectors. Get a chance to showcase the latest products in front of industry professionals coming from natural food specialist stores to specialized retailers, chemists, and more. Be ready to exhibit the best product and create an experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Dates: 19 March – 22 March   Days: Tuesday- Friday      Duration: 4 days

Holz-Handwerk is a trade fair for machinery, equipment, and supplies for the wood crafts held at Messe Nuremberg. From abrasives and adhesives to wood-based materials and woodworking machinery, this exhibition in Nuremberg offers an extensive product spectrum. If you desire more comfort and sustainability then this show can be the perfect fit for you, starting from 19 March to 22 March.  Various architects, manufacturers, and tradesmen meet at Holz-Handwerk to discuss how aesthetics and design trends can be reconciled with wood crafts.

Embedded World

Dates:  9 April – 11 April    Days: Tuesday – Thursday     Duration: 3 days

Discover the leading international fair for embedded systems and technology at the upcoming Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg. The fair is an amalgamation of experts, key players, and industry associates coming from all around the world, during 9-11 April at Exhibition Center Nuremberg. Gain insight into the embedded world 2024 and different modules of operating systems, software, and hardware designs. More than 15000 international visitors and 700 exhibitors are expected to grace the event.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of high-level discussions on embedded electronic systems and technologies.

In conclusion, Nuremberg has positioned itself as the hottest place for international trade by hosting a variety of trade shows and exhibitions. It offers a diverse opportunity to network and showcase your product, as from small to big brands will be participating in these trade shows. This place hosts some of the top events including Euroguss, Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair, IWA, BioFach, Vivaness, Holz-Handwerk, and Embedded World. These exhibitions cater to various industries such as die casting, toy manufacturing, hunting and outdoor sports, organic products, woodcraft, and embedded systems.

The exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany provide a perfect opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and technologies. Participating in these trade shows provides a platform where innovations meet endless opportunities. Mark your calendars, book dates for these exciting events, and stay ahead of industry trends.

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How Fountainhead International B.V. Can Help with the Trade Show Exhibition in Nuremberg?

Fountainhead International B.V. is a dynamic event management and exhibition service-providing company in Nuremberg. Our company is all set to elevate your experience at the Nuremberg trade show in 2024. Our well-trained professionals ensure seamless exhibition of your brand in events like Euroguss, Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair, IWA, BioFach, Vivaness, Holz-Handwerk, and Embedded World. From strategizing and designing your booth to bringing network opportunities, Fountainhead is the best option. If you also want to leave that lasting impression at an exhibition in Nuremberg, then connect to Fountainhead and discover how we can transform your participation into a remarkable success.

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FAQ’s About Upcoming Trade Show Exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany

What are the top 7 latest upcoming trade show exhibitions in Nuremberg Germany?

The diverse range of trade shows and exhibitions in Nuremberg, Germany to take place. However, the top 7 trade shows include Euroguss, Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair, IWA, BioFach, Vivaness, Holz-Handwerk, and Embedded World catering to different industries from die casting, toy manufacturing, hunting to organic products, woodcraft, and embedded systems.

How joining the BioFach trade show in 2024 can be beneficial?

BioFach trade show 2024 is not only about networking, instead, it can be a great platform for knowledge transfer and advanced professional training in organic products. In addition, one can get a global perspective of organic products as companies, producers, and distributors from all over the world come together at this exhibition in Nuremberg.

What is the opening time of the Euroguss Trade Show 2024 and the minimum stand size?

Euroguss trade show and exhibition in Nuremberg is scheduled from 16-18 January 2024 and opens at 9:00 – 17:00. The minimum booth size should be 16 sqm.

What is the meaning of Spielwarenmesse and the purpose of a toy fair?

Spielwarenmesse toy fair is an iconic global event held annually since 1949. This toy fair exhibition in Nuremberg is the largest international trade fair for the toy and play industry attracting professionals from around the world to learn and experience the latest products.

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