Top 22 Upcoming Trade Shows in Stuttgart, Germany 2024

Stuttgart is located in the heart of Europe. The city gains recognition for its trade fairs and exhibitions. The place is ideal for every industry exhibition, including logistics, healthcare, travel, automotive technology, etc. These trade shows in Stuttgart help build the economy.  Trade shows in Germany hold a powerful place in Europe, but Stuttgart stands apart.

There are multiple venues holding exhibitions every year. Among all the venues, Messe Stuttgart holds a significant space. It is one of the major organizers of trade fairs, congresses, and events in Germany. If you are looking for exhibition stand builders in Stuttgart, then we can assist you. With an experience of over a decade, we assure to provide the best services in the market, including design, transportation, and logistics.

More than 200 exhibitions take place in Stuttgart. We have listed 22 upcoming trade shows in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2024.

The Premier 22 Upcoming Trade Shows in Stuttgart in 2024



S. No.  Show Name Date
1. Garten April 04-07, 2024
2. I-Mobility April 04-07. 2024
3. Kreativ April 04-07, 2024 
4. Babini Stuttgart April 05-07, 2024
5. WM Werkstattmesse- Stuttgart April 19-21. 2024
6. Control  April 23-26, 2024
7. Retro Classics April 25-28, 2024 
8. Invest April 26-29. 2024 
9. Select Congress May 04-06, 2024
10. Grinding Hub May 14-17, 2024
11. Uniti Expo May 14-16, 2024
12. The Hall of Vape June 01-02, 2024 
13. Automotive Testing Expo Europe June 04-06, 2024
14. CastForge June 04-06, 2024
15. MedTec June 18-20, 2024
16. The Battery Show June 18-20, 2024
17. AMB September 10-14, 2024
18. Intergeo September 10-14, 2024 
19. BondExpo October 08-11, 2024
20. F-Cell October 08-09, 2024
21. Interbad  October 22-25, 2024
22. Veggie &n Frei von November 22-24, 2024

Let’s inspect each of these shows now.

I-Mobility & Kongress 2024

Dates- April 04-07        Days- Thursday- Sunday        Duration- 04 Days

I-Mobility is an event popular for intelligent mobility. At the show, attendees can explore alternative drive systems, electric mobility, car sharing, ride sharing, e-bikes, and pedelecs. It takes place every year at the new Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, bringing together industry leaders, expats, and professionals from the industry. They showcase their products, services, and the latest innovations. There is a lot to learn from this year’s I-Mobility & Kongress. Be a part now!

Garten 2024

Dates- April 04-07         Days- Thursday-Sunday         Duration- 04 Days

The Garten trade show is an international trade show for the garden industry. Individuals will find high-quality outdoor furniture, a lush variety of plants, and nature-loving shows. The organizers have designed Garten 2024 with a unique ambiance and thematic diversity. The show gathers attendees who meet the high expectations of well-informed visitors with strong purchasing power.

Kreativ 2024

Dates- April 04-07        Days- Thursday- Sunday        Duration- 04 Days

Kreativ is a show for creative people, handicrafts, hobbyists, and artists. The show is open to everyone from hobbyists to suppliers. It is the trade fair for do-it-yourselves. The event takes place in Messe Stuttgart. If you are somebody who gets excited about decorating and DIY items, then Kreativ 2024 is for you.

Babini Stuttgart 2024

Dates- April 05-07        Days- Friday- Sunday        Duration-03 Days

Babini is a baby fair. Parents can learn about pregnancy, baby supplies, and initial equipment. Discover an extensive selection of products from large and small labels for the baby. The show also has live lectures, a nursing lounge, a feeding bar, a changing oasis, and more. Some of the top brands that exhibit are Alvi, Angelcare, Baby1one, Didymos, Felicitas, and more. Babini 2024 has everything a parent needs to know about their baby.

WM Werkstattmesse 2024

Dates- April 19-21         Days- Friday- Sunday        Duration- 03 Days 

WM Werkstattmesse is a leading trade show in Stuttgart, Germany for car and commercial vehicle parts, tools, paints, tires, and workshop equipment. The same event this year will take place in three different cities, which are Berlin, Dortmund, and Munich. More than 300 exhibitors and 50,000+ visitors attend the exhibition, including all four locations. For an enthusiast, who lives for vehicles, they must attend this Germany trade show!

Control 2024

Dates- April 23-26         Days- Tuesday- Friday          Duration- 04 Days

Control 2024 is a Stuttgart trade show for quality assurance. Control International Trade Fair 2024 invites industry experts, enthusiasts, and professionals. They all together showcase usable technologies, processes, products, and system solutions for industrial quality assurance. Individuals from different sectors exhibit. The product ranges include measuring technology, material testing, analytical apparatus, optoelectronics, and QA systems.

Retro Classic 2024

Dates- April 25-28         Days- Thursday- Sunday        Duration- 04 Days 

Retro Classic is the largest and most beautiful meeting place for lovers of automobile legends. Experience nostalgia with first-class special shows, a large parts market, and fast-paced supporting programs. The show invites over 1,500 exhibitors and around 90,000 visitors to meet in one place. They expect the number of exhibitors and visitors to increase for Retro Classic 2024. 

Invest 2024

Dates- April 26-29         Days- Friday- Sunday          Duration-03 Days 

Invest is an international trade show in Stuttgart connecting the financial world. Gain knowledge about the sector through workshops, lectures, and informative discussions. Some of the popular speakers are Tommy Primorac, Ibo Ahmiane, Luca Rolle, and Benjamin Schleibener. Invest 2024 is your chance to experience finance up close.

Select Congress 2024

Dates- May 04-06        Days- Saturday- Monday       Duration- 03 Days 

Select Congress is a premier exhibition showcasing cutting-edge advancements in various industries, including technology, automotive, and healthcare. The show features keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. It attracts professionals and innovators from around the globe.

Pelege Plus 2024

Dates- May 14-16         Days- Tuesday- Thursday         Duration- 03 Days 

Pelege Plus is a trade fair for the nursing industry. The show brings together exhibitors from all over the world to demonstrate their offerings, products, and services. Grab knowledge about industry trends and development. Professionals, potential customers, therapists, and manufacturers attend the event.

Uniti Expo 2024

Dates- May 14-16         Days- Tuesday-Thursday         Duration-03 Days 

Uniti Expo is the pinnacle trade show in Stuttgart for the fuel retailing and car wash industries. It’s where professionals converge to explore the latest advancements in the sector. Engage in insightful discussions, find the latest products, and build valuable connections. Uniti Expo 2024 promises to be an experience for those seeking to stay ahead of the industry.

The Hall of Vape 2024

Dates- June 01-02        Days- Saturday- Sunday         Duration- 02 Days

The Hall of Vape invites enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses alike to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of vaping culture. The show discusses the latest vape products and offers insightful discussions on industry trends. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newcomer to the scene, The Hall of Vape 2024 promises an unforgettable experience filled with innovation.

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024

Dates- June 04-06        Days- Tuesday- Thursday        Duration- 03 Days 

Automotive Testing Expo Europe is where automotive engineers, technicians, and industry experts gather to explore the latest advancements in vehicle testing and validation technologies. The event displays the industry’s tools and techniques, from testing equipment to simulation software. Attend informative seminars, engage with industry leaders, and discover new solutions. Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024 is your gateway to the future of automotive testing.

CastForge 2024

Dates- June 04-06           Days- Tuesday-Thursday          Duration- 03 Days 

CastForge is the premier trade show in Stuttgart for the casting and forging industries. Industry manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals gather at the show. Explore a wide range of products and services, attend informative seminars, and connect with industry peers to stay ahead in this dynamic sector. CastForge 2024 is your opportunity to discover the power of casting and forging in shaping the future of manufacturing.

Medtec 2024

Dates- June 18-20       Days- Tuesday- Thursday        Duration- 03 Days 

MedTec is a leading Stuttgart trade show dedicated to the medical technology industry. It serves as a platform for professionals to explore the latest advancements, innovations, and regulatory updates in medical device manufacturing and design. By attending MedTec, attendees can engage with industry experts and discover new products and services.

The Battery Show 2024

Dates- June 18-20         Days- Tuesday- Thursday         Duration- 03 Days 

The Battery Show unveils the future of energy storage. As a premier German trade show, the event brings together industry leaders and professionals to explore the latest advancements in battery technology. It has everything from electric vehicles to renewable energy storage solutions. Attend seminars and discover the power of batteries at The Battery Show 2024. 

AMB 2024

Dates- September 10-14        Days- Tuesday- Friday          Duration- 04 Days 

AMB is the leading metalworking industry trade show in Stuttgart. It provides a comprehensive platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals to showcase their latest products. They showcase precision machining, additive manufacturing, and more. AMB 2024 covers the entire spectrum of metalworking processes.

Intergeo 2024

Dates- September 10-14          Days- Tuesday- Saturday          Duration- 05 Days 

Intergeo is the premier upcoming trade show in Stuttgart for the geospatial industry. Industry professionals, researchers, and policymakers come together. They discuss geospatial technologies, applications, and solutions. The show has everything from GIS software to remote sensing technologies. At Intergeo 2024, attend informative workshops, and engage with industry leaders.

BondExpo 2024

Dates- October 08-11          Days- Tuesday- Friday          Duration- 04 Days 

BondExpo is the leading event for the bonding and joining industry. This sector’s manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals come together to showcase their offerings. BondExpo 2024 covers a wide range of industries and sectors from automotive to aerospace applications.

F-Cell 2024

Dates- October 08-09           Days- Tuesday- Wednesday          Duration- 02 Days 

F-Cell is the premier trade show in Stuttgart for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Individuals can explore the latest advancements in hydrogen production, storage, and utilization. Attend valuable seminars and discover the future of hydrogen at F-Cell 2024.

Interbad 2024

Dates- October 22-25           Days- Tuesday- Friday           Duration- 04 Days 

Interbad is the ultimate exhibition for the swimming pool, sauna, and spa industry. From innovative pool designs to cutting-edge water treatment solutions, Interbad offers insights into the future of recreational water environments.

Veggie & Frei von 2024

Dates- November 22-24         Days- Friday- Sunday          Duration- 03 Days 

Veggie & Frei von is the leading trade show for the vegetarian, vegan, and free-from food industries. It provides a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals to showcase their latest products in plant-based and allergen-free foods. From meat alternatives to gluten-free options, Veggie & Frei von covers a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements.

Lastly, the upcoming trade shows in Stuttgart provide plenty of offers for individuals to attend or exhibit. These events not only provide networking opportunities but also help in increasing the city’s economy. The above list of all the shows represents a different sector or industry. You can choose whichever exhibition suits your niche.

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