Top 20 Popular Exhibitions In Germany You Should Exhibit!

Germany is the world’s largest and most popular location for exhibitions. Exhibitions in Germany cover a space of 6 million square meters. More than 150 trade fairs in Germany occur annually, inviting over 100,000 exhibitors and over ten million visitors. The city provides great exposure to first-time exhibitors. 

Many exhibitions occur in these five cities: Nuremberg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf. Know your market and exhibit at these city’s exhibitions in Germany. To reduce your workload, we have provided pre-plan information about the exhibitions in Germany, major exhibition cities in Germany, and the top 20 popular exhibitions in Germany. 

Major Exhibition Cities In Germany 

Germany is a hub of exhibitions. Every city represents something–making them popular exhibition cities in Germany. Among these, five are popular for their unique attractive features, making them distinctively different. These are Nuremberg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf. Each city has a dynamic exhibition space. Let’s understand these cities in detail below. 


Nuremberg, as a city, is popular for its prominent commercial culture. Making the city a tourist hub of Germany. Nuremberg hosts many international exhibitions and conferences. NurembergMesse, the known exhibition center in Nuremberg. The Nuremberg Exhibition Centre organizes many big exhibitions. Individuals from different industries participate in these exhibitions. By attending exhibitions at Nuremberg, individuals can gain industry knowledge, build networks, maximize their ROI, and showcase their innovations. With the right exhibition stand builder in Nuremberg, you are not just exhibiting but also gaining the chance to uplift your brand. 


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. In Germany, Berlin is known for hosting several international conventions and trade shows. Messe Berlin is a popular conventional center in Berlin. The around 170,000-metre square attracts leading trade shows like IFA, the world’s largest gathering for the tech world. Berlin as a location for exhibitions in Germany creates experience while hosting events. An experienced stand fabricator in Berlin can easily and smoothly take away the burden and make the process stress-free. 


Messe Munchen is the biggest exhibition space in Munich, with 200,000-meter square space. The city is famous for automotive shows, where the latest invented cars make their debut. Besides that, it is also famous for art exhibitions. The organizers are well aware of blending the old masters and new young things. Find a booth builder in Munich, who can perfectly put out your brand’s idea in a booth. 


Frankfurt is situated in the heart of Germany. It is a global financial hub of Germany. Because of its economic significance, the city boosts its rich cultural tapestry. MesseFrankfurt, a popular exhibition center, holds several big exhibitions like the Frankfurt Book Fair, IMEX, and more. Frankfurt is where ideas come to life. Find a stand builder in Frankfurt, who seamlessly executes it. 


Dusseldorf is the fashion and design capital. Messe Dusseldorf takes center stage for a well-execution of exhibitions in this stylish city. The city hosts several exhibitions of different industries, including fashion, design, and plastic expos. Exhibitions in Dusseldorf provide several opportunities, like networking. Hire an exhibition stand contractor in Dusseldorf who assists in setting the stage for trends and making bold statements in the heart of Europe’s fashion capital. 

Top 20 Popular Exhibitions in Germany 

Now that you are aware of the major exhibition cities in Germany. Let us introduce to you about 20 popular exhibitions in Germany in these cities. 

Top-20- Exhibitions-In-Germany

Popular Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany

Several exhibitions take place in Nuremberg, but here are four top exhibitions in Nuremberg. These are Spielwarenmesse, IWA 2024 Outdoor Classics, Biofach 2024, and Interzoo 2024. Let’s know about them. 

Spielwarenmesse 2024

Dates- 30 Jan- 03 Feb      Days- Tuesday- Saturday      Duration- 05 Days 

Speilwarenmesse conference is a premier event for toy fairs. Industry professionals, experts, manufacturers, and retailers attend the exhibition to showcase a different range of toys, games, and hobby products. This trade show in Germany provides the chance for networking, making the event essential for industry stakeholders. Attend the exhibition to learn more about Spielwarenmesse 2024

IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 

Date- 29 Feb- 03 March      Days- Thursday- Sunday      Duration- 04 Days 

IWA Outdoor Classics is a global event targeting the hunting and target sport industry. Industry’s popular manufacturers, traders, and specialists meet together to showcase their weapons, accessories, and outdoor equipment. Meet these industry specialists, discover the latest products, and build new relationships. To know more, check out why you should attend the IWA Outdoor Classic 2024

BioFach 2024 

Date- 13 Feb-16 Feb      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 04 Days 

BioFach Nuremberg is a leading trade fair in Germany for the natural and organic food industry. Organic farmers, food producers, and certified retailers exhibit at this trade fair to showcase their innovations. The exhibition has 10 themes, making BioFach 2024 revolve around it. To know more about the theme sectors, check out BioFach 2024

Interzoo 2024 

Dates- 07 May- 10 May      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 04 Days 

Interzoo exhibition is the biggest exhibition in Germany for the pet industry. The event brings together manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and service providers from 60 countries. Participating at Interzoo 2024 will provide immense information about pet food, accessories, grooming aids, and other related products. Go through Interzoo Nuremberg 2024 to learn about various sections. 

Popular Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany

Berlin hosts various exhibitions. Every trade fair in Berlin targets different industries. We have provided a list of 4 popular exhibitions in Berlin. These exhibitions are International Green Week Berlin, Fruit Logistica, ITB Berlin, and InnoTrans. 

International Green Week Berlin 2024

Date- 19 Jan- 28 Jan      Days- Friday- Sunday      Duration- 10 Days 

International Green Week is a popular event in Germany in the food, agriculture, and horticulture sectors. Around 1500 exhibitors showcase their innovation to more than 300,000 visitors from 60 countries. The show offers more, look into International Green Week Berlin 2024 and grab valuable information about the event. 

Fruit Logistica 2024 

Date- 07 Feb -09 Feb      Days- Wednesday- Friday      Duration- 03 Days 

The Fruit Logistica exhibition as an event, covers every area of the fresh fruit industry. The show invites attendees from over 86 countries to look at fresh vegetables and fruit, technical support facilities, logical support, and other services. If this fascinates you, check out Fruit Logistica 2024

ITB Berlin 2024 

Date- 05 March -07 March      Days- Tuesday- Thursday      Duration- 03 Days 

ITB Berlin 2024 is the world’s premier travel trade show. The show invites over 1000 exhibitors and 1,60,000 professional visitors. At the ITB Berlin 2024 event, learn about the medical and health tourism industry through keynote speakers, experts, and professionals. 

InnoTrans 2024

Dates- 24 September -27 September      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 04 Days 

The InnoTrans conference is one of the largest trade fairs focusing on the rail transport industry. The show takes place biannually in Messe Berlin. Around 2000 exhibitors from 44 countries attend the exhibition, making the show a colossal success. There is more in the show, read about the Innotrans 2024 exhibition

Popular Exhibitions In Munich, Germany

Munich is a beautiful location for exhibitions. Many renowned exhibition takes place in Munich. Here we have listed the 4 popular exhibitions in Munich. These are, Inhorgenta 2024, Analytica 2024, IFAT, and Intersolar. 

Inhorgenta 2024 

Date- 16 Feb-19 Feb      Days- Friday- Monday      Duration- 04 Days 

Inhorgenta Exhibition is Europe’s biggest exhibition for jewelry, gemstones, and watches. The show invites manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to present their innovations to attendees. Converting them into potential customers. The numbers are increasing every year. To know about the themes, facts & figures, and other related information about the show, check out Inhorgenta 2024

Analytica 2024 

Date- 09 April-12 April      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 04 Days 

Analytica event is a leading trade fair for the laboratory industry. It is a significant platform for exchanging expertise. Also, it is a central meeting point for industry professionals to showcase innovations and build a stronger business. Along with Germany, the show takes place in China, Vietnam, India, and South Africa. Are you interested in the industry? Check out Analytica 2024 to know more. 

IFAT 2024

Dates- 13 May-17 May      Days- Monday- Friday      Duration- 05 Days

IFAT Exhibition is a popular exhibition connecting the environmental technologies sector. The key speakers talk about water, sewage, waste, and raw material management. The show takes place biannually in Munich. There are several benefits of participating, examine IFAT 2024

Intersolar 2024

Dates- 19 June-21 June      Days- Wednesday- Friday      Duration- 03 Days 

Intersolar 2024 is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. The exhibition discusses topics related to solar. It held parallel to Smarter E Europe. The show invites professionals and experts from the industry to discuss and present their points of view. 

4 Popular Exhibitions in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt has a reputation for hosting exhibitions. Among the hundred exhibitions, we have listed 4 popular exhibitions in Frankfurt. These are Prolight + Sound, Passenger Terminal Expo, IMEX, and Automechanika. 

Prolight+ Sound 2024 

Date- 19 March- 22 March      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 04 Days 

The Prolight + Sound exhibition is a popular exhibition of light, audio, stage, media, and events. International media organizations and individuals from the entertainment sector meet together in the exhibition. A huge number of exhibitors and visitors attended the exhibition. It is a perfect place to showcase innovations and also learn about them. Do you wish to know more about the industry? Read about Prolight + Sound 2024

Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

Date- 16 April-18 April      Days- Tuesday- Thursday      Duration- 03 Days 

Passenger Terminal Expo is a leading exhibition in Germany for the airport and airline sector. This exhibition in Europe provides an amazing platform for more than 1000 visitors from 130 countries to attend conferences, exhibitions, and participate in debates. Know more about the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 Conference

IMEX 2024

Date- 14 May-16 May     Days- Tuesday- Thursday     Duration- 03 Days 

IMEX 2024 is an event in Germany that connects global industry through meetings, incentives, conferences, and events. Hundreds of brands from hotels, spa resorts, airlines, event management, event planners, and more exhibit at IMEX. If you are in this and this information excites you, then read about IMEX Conference 2024 in detail. 

Automechanika 2024

Date- 10 September-14 September      Days- Tuesday- Saturday      Duration- 05 Days 

The Automechanika exhibition is one of the largest automotive trade fairs in Germany. For somebody interested in the automotive industry, this exhibition is heaven. Discover products for car wash, tires, wheels, and paintwork. Find innovations in automotive accessories, equipment, and accessories. If this thrills you, read more about the Automechanika 2024 conference. 

4 Popular Exhibitions in Dusseldorf, Germany

Conferences like Drupa, Aluminium, Glasstec, and K-Show take place in Dusseldorf. Let’s know about these exhibitions. 

Drupa 2024

Date- 28 May- 07 June      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 11 Days 

Drupa conference is a premier trade fair for the printing, paper, and packaging industry. The show invites professionals, innovators, and businesses to come together and showcase their innovations to thousands of global attendees. Attend the Drupa Dusseldorf conference 2024 to gather insights about the industry. 

Aluminium 2024 

Date- 08 October-10 October      Days- Tuesday-Thursday      Duration- 03 Days 

The Aluminium Conference is a global event attracting aluminum producers and processors from all over the world. The show focuses on finding solutions for automotive, engineering, building, construction, and more. There are several benefits of attending the exhibition. Check out the Aluminium Exhibition 2024 to know more. 

GlassTec 2024 

Date- 22 October-25 October      Days- Tuesday- Friday      Duration- 04 Days 

The GlassTec is a leading trade fair in Germany for the glass industry. Exhibitors showcase glass products, applications, machines, production, processing, and finishing. The show provides visitors and exhibitors a chance to meet, collaborate, and explore future innovations. Read about the GlassTec conference 2024, to know about the glass industry. 

K-Show 2025

Date- 08 October-15 October     Days- Wednesday- Wednesday      Duration- 08 Days 

K-Show conference is an exhibition known for the rubber and plastic industry. In 2019, 225,000 visitors and 3,300 visitors participated in the K-Show. In 2025, the number will increase. Know more about K-Show 2025

To sum up, here are 20 exhibitions in Germany. Exhibiting in these exhibitions can help you gather insights, gain exposure, and meet industry professionals. Attendees can meet industry peers and gain knowledge through conferences, seminars, and workshops. All these exhibitions are valuable in every aspect. 

How Can We Help You With Participating in These Exhibitions in Germany?

At Fountainhead International B.V., we specialize in facilitating your exhibition journey in Germany with our exhibition stand designs, quality construction, and seamless logistics management. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to craft stands that reflect your brand essence while meeting German market demands. 

Our comprehensive logistics support handles transportation, customs, and on-site setup, leaving you free to focus on engaging with attendees. Committed to innovation and sustainability, we integrate cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. With our post-event evaluation, we ensure that you maximize your impact and success.

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