Fruit Logistica Berlin, Germany

Trade Show Information

How to prepare for your exhibition stand for Fruit Logistica Berlin, Germany?

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Prerequisites of a good Exhibition Stand Suppliers in Berlin -

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Fruit Logistica Berlin Trade Show -

Each year, exhibitors and trade visitors from 86 different countries come to Fruit Logistica Berlin, Germany, to reach their maximum business potential and create their own success stories. Fruit Logistica Berlin, Germany, provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments, goods, and services at every stage of the global supply chain. It covers every area of the fresh fruit industry. Thus, it provides excellent networking and interaction chances for important decision-makers in every industry area.

Fruit Logistica Berlin 2023 provisions -

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits -

  • New Fruit
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh spices, sprouts, and herbs
  • Using organic goods
  • Fair trade items

 Technical Support Facilities -

  • Nursery trees, variety development, and seeds
  • Agricultural machinery and systems
  • Packaging and sorting equipment
  • Equipment and technology for packaging
  • Labeling, weighing, and barcoding
  • Pallets, transport/storage containers for bulk materials
  • POS setups and vending machine technology
  • Recycling, disposal of garbage, and cleaning systems
  • Technology for greenhouses and greenhouses
  • Digital applications and technologies

 Logistical Support -

  • Transportation organizations and systems
  • Services for transportation and customs clearance
  • Fruit terminals, ports, cold storage facilities, and warehouses
  • Producer markets and wholesale markets
  • tracking technologies (RFID, barcode, GPS)

 Other services -

  • Inventory management software, services, and the Internet
  • Market analysis and statistical support
  • Government/official representations, research and educational institutes, trade and professional associations
  • Conferences, exhibitions, and the press
  • Services in finance and insurance

Conclusion - Thus, participating in Fruit Logistica Berlin 2024 is quintessential for your business. Moreover, you must contact the best exhibition stand contractor in Berlin to place your products on display in a beautiful and organized manner.