REHACARE International 2024 Dusseldorf

Trade Show Information

REHACARE 2024 Dusseldorf Germany Information

REHACARE 2024 is an international rehabilitation, prevention, integration, and care trade fair. It is held annually and brings together experts, specialists, and visitors from all over the world. For the past thirty years, REHACARE has been held every year. This trade show is an information platform for people with disabilities who need nursing care. Above all, it is an ideal platform for communication and information gathering. 

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Let’s dive deep and learn more about REHACARE 2024 Dusseldorf, Germany. 

REHACARE 2024 Venue and Dates

REHACARE 2024 is scheduled to be held from September 24 to 28, 2024, at Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, Dusseldorf, Germany. So start preparing for the trade show today and search for the best exhibition stand designers near you.

REHACARE 2024 Hosting Various Programs

The most exciting thing about REHACRAE 2024 is that it hosts several comprehensive programs for visitors and exhibitors, mainly for people with disabilities. The programs and forums include - 

  • Expert-led Lectures & Presentations
  • Guided Tours
  • Product Premiers
  • Live Demonstrations

And many more…

On What Product Categories Does REHACARE 2024 Focusing?

REHACARE Dusselfdorf 2024 is open for all the companies and organizations who have products and services to showcase relevant to these 12 main categories - 

  • Daily living aids and clothing
  • Apprenticeship, workplace, and occupation
  • Barrier-free living
  • Aids for Children 
  • Communication 
  • Medical care
  • Mobility and walking aids
  • Orthopedic aids
  • Nursing care for in-patient and homecare
  • Travel, leisure, sports, and recreation
  • Physical training, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy
  • Associations, organizations, nursing residents, and services. 


Who Will Be Visiting At REHACARE 2024 Dusseldorf?

As REHACARE International 2024, Dusseldorf focuses on rehabilitation, prevention, and care. Consequently, you can expect visitors from various fields at this event, which includes -

  • Medical and sanitary specialized trade
  • Rehabilitation and special facilities
  • Orthopaedic trade 
  • Industry or medical and therapeutic aids/other industries
  • Disabled people organizations
  • Disabled people's sports organizations
  • Ambulant nursing / Care services
  • Cost units
  • Surgeries / Medical Laboratory 
  • Institutions
  • Universities
  • College of Higher Education
  • Technical college

Other services.

What To Expect From REHACARE 2024?

Exhibiting at REHACARE 2024 Dusseldorf can be highly beneficial for your brands. You can see some significant benefits for your brands. How? Let’s have a look:

  • Approx. 4000+ potential customers will attend this event, and 73% are expected to come with the intention of buying. Thus, exhibiting at this show can attract most of the target customers. 


  • REHACARE has been conducted for the last 30 years, offering a comprehensive market experience for exhibitors selling and presenting products relevant to old age, disabilities, care needs, and chronic diseases. 


  • You can expect to learn about the latest developments, products, and services relevant to the industry. 


  • Network with many well-known manufacturers and industry experts of assistive devices. Get to learn some fantastic products. 


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In conclusion, REHACARE 2024 Dusseldorf is a leading event for those in the rehabilitation, prevention, and care sectors. It will host diverse programs and showcase innovations in daily living aids, medical care, mobility aids, and more. With over 4000 potential customers and numerous industry experts expected, exhibitors will have valuable opportunities to network, present new products, and gain market insights. Partnering with top exhibition stand builders can ensure a successful and impactful presence at REHACARE 2024.