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Know Everything About World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 Trade Show

World of Coffee 2024 is a trade show for coffee and relevant industries. It will be held under the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) 's flagship. This association aims to foster global communities and improve the quality, sustainability, profitability, and equity of the coffee supply chain. Moreover, the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 is predicted to be the largest World of Coffee expo in the event’s history. Thus, exhibiting in this trade show can open some unique opportunities. 

So, if you plan to exhibit at the World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024, you should look for services like exhibition stand builders in Copenhagen. These professionals will work closely with you and enable you to create an engaging stand by bringing your vision to life. Let’s read further to learn more about the World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024. 

World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 Dates and Location

The World of Coffee 2024 dates are scheduled from 27 to 29 June 2024. So book your dates and mark your calendar to be part of the most amazing coffee event. However, the World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 location is Bella Center Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The SCA CEO Yannis Apostolopoulos says the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 destination is the dynamic capital city of Copenhagen, Denmark. A global leader in culture, quality of life, sustainability, and the arts, the Danish capital is renowned for its refined specialty coffee culture and approach to business, technology, design, and trade. 

Three World of Coffee Trade Shows Taking Place in the Same Year

It will be the first time SCA is hosting three World of Coffee events in the same year. Of course, one of them is the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024, and the other two are -

  • World of Coffee Dubai held in January
  • World of Coffee Busan held in May 


What Else Will Be Included in The World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 Trade Show?

Some popular shows will be featured alongside the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024. The events are given below. Have a look:

  • Best New Product Competition
  • Coffee Design Awards
  • SCA Lectures and Workshops
  • Cupping Rooms
  • Two Expanded Roaster Villages

World Coffee Championships:

  • World Latte Art Championship (WLAC)
  • World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (WCIGS)
  • World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC)

Polish Your Knowledge at World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024

Participating in the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 can enlighten you about many things relevant to the industry. The event offers various educational opportunities, including hands-on Workshops for advancing practical skills and knowledge, refining sensory acuity, and tactics for business development, sourcing, and sustainability. 

In addition, it will host informative, live lectures by experienced industry professionals, academics, and trusted authorities on organic sciences, emerging technologies, management and marketing, human resources and staff management, company culture, sustainability, and climate change. 

This is not it; by participating in the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024, you can also network with top industry experts and manufacturers who can offer you tips and tricks for growing your business. 

Key Highlights Of World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024

Now that you have learned about many points of World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024, it is time to look at some key highlights or stats of the event -


  • The World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 is expected to attract 29% of visitors from the roastery industry and 22% from coffee bars and cafes. 


  • In the event, there will be 19% coffee enthusiasts, 13% traders, and 8% growers. 


  • The show will feature more than 350 Horeca coffee suppliers and other professionals. 


  • Above all, the World of Coffee 2024 Copenhagen, Denmark, expects around 11000 visitors and 350+ exhibitors. 


Exhibitor List Of World Of Coffee Copenhagen 2024

At the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024, more than 350 exhibitors are expected to exhibit. Thus, you need to do your best to shine among these exhibitors. Do you want to know who else will be exhibiting at this event? We bought you the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 Exhibitors List. Have a look: 

  • AeroPress
  • Aris Pack 
  • Beyond the Bean 
  • DBT Europe
  • GrainPro
  • Hauck Tamper
  • Kenya Coffee
  • La Pavoni 
  • Ngorongoro Coffee Group 
  • Perfect Moose
  • ReiCat

And many more… 

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In conclusion, the World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 promises to be an unparalleled gathering for the coffee industry under the esteemed Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) banner. With a focus on enhancing global communities and refining the coffee supply chain, this event is poised to be the largest in its history, offering unique opportunities for exhibitors and attendees alike. From engaging with top industry experts to showcasing innovative products, this trade show is a must-attend for anyone passionate about coffee. So, mark your calendars and prepare to be part of this extraordinary event in the dynamic capital city of Copenhagen.