IFT 2024 Annual Meeting & Food Expo

Trade Show Information

All About IFT First Annual Event & Expo

IFT First 2024 Chicago is the largest B2B food technology show. This trade show offers a myriad of opportunities to meet and network with industry professionals from all over the world. Moreover, IFT First 2024 will connect food system communities to future-proof the food system. Over 20,000 professionals will attend this event and exchange experience and knowledge. Thus, exhibiting at this event will open new opportunities for your brand. 

However, if you plan to exhibit at IFT First 2024, you should look for the best exhibition stand builders in Chicago. As numerous exhibitors will be present at the event, it may be hard to attract visitors. Hence, getting help from these professionals will enable you to shine at the event, as they will handle everything from planning to execution. Read on to learn more about the IFT First Annual Event & Expo 2024. 

IFT First Annual Event & Expo Dates, Location, and Timings

IFT 2024 is scheduled for 14 to 17 July 2024 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Hurry up! Mark your calendars and book your dates. Contact the best exhibition stand designers, prepare your best, and stand out in the crowd. 

What is The Theme Of IFT First 2024?

IFT First 2024 focuses on “how food science and technology can transform the food system.” It will be dedicated to multidisciplinary discussions and science-first sessions on the latest research in new technology and innovation, health and nutrition, sustainability and climate, food safety, and consumer insights. In addition, food as medicine and AI in food will also be discussed during featured session programming. 

Who Should Exhibit at IFT First 2024?

At IFT First 2024, a diverse range of exhibitors can exhibit coming from different sectors of the food industry, including -

  • Food manufacturers
  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Equipment manufacturers 
  • Technology providers
  • Research institutions 
  • Food service providers
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Trade associations


What Should Be The Exhibitor’s Product Profile For IFT First 2024?

Are you confused about the product profile to exhibit at the IFT First 2024? No worries! We bought you the list. Therefore, the IFT First Annual Event & Expo is open for all companies that have products and services to showcase relevant to the following - 

  • Food & Beverages
  • Food processing equipment and machinery
  • Ingredients and additives
  • Packaging and labeling solutions
  • Food safety and testing products 
  • Food service equipment and supplies
  • Technology solutions for food retailers and distributors 
  • Consumer products and food service concepts


IFT Chicago 2024 Exhibitor List

Knowing who will be exhibiting at IFT First 2024 is good so that you can prepare your presentation accordingly. Well, we realized this and brought the IFT 2024 exhibitor list. Have a look:

  • ABS Foods Ltd. 
  • Barentz
  • Caldic
  • Daabon Organic USA Inc.
  • FlavorSum
  • GEA Group
  • Hunterlab 
  • Innophos, Inc. 

And many more…

What Are The Industries Will Be Present At IFT First 2024?

IFT First 2024 will be focusing on various industries. Those industries are given below:

  • Transportation, Logistics, Packaging / Packaging (Materials, Machinery & Equipment)
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Food / Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery Products
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Food / Food & Beverages, Food Processing 
  • Innovation, Startups / Innovation, Startups


Why You Should Participate in IFT First 2024?

Participating in IFT First 2024 will benefit your brand in many ways. Let’s have a look, at how:

Network and Make Connection - At IFT First 2024, top leaders, speakers, and experts from aquatic food products, biotechnology, food microbiology, etc., will be present, giving you a perfect place to kickstart the conversation and network with these professionals. In addition, you can also learn some tips and tricks to grow your brand. 

Forge Business Relationships - The event will feature top industry experts and many exhibitors. Consequently, it will allow you to network with them and build profitable business relationships. 

Get International Exposure - Exhibitors and attendees will come from around the world to the event. Thus, it gives you an amazing opportunity to gain international exposure and recognition by showcasing your products and services to this huge audience. 

How Fountainhead International B.V. Can Help You in Exhibiting at IFT First 2024?

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In short, our company can solve all your exhibition needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact our exhibition stand builders to elevate your brand presence at IFT First 2024. 

In conclusion, IFT First Annual Event & Expo 2024 at McCormick Place in Chicago promises unparalleled opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and brand exposure within the global food industry. With a diverse range of exhibitors and a focus on transforming the food system through science and technology, this event is a must-attend for industry professionals. Partnering with experienced exhibition stand builders may help you maximize your presence and stand out amidst the crowd. Secure your spot today and prepare to make a lasting impact at IFT First 2024.