LogiMAT 2024

Trade Show Information

LogiMAT 2024 Trade Show Information

LogiMAT 2024 is an international trade show for Intra Logistics Solutions and Process Management. This trade show offers a comprehensive market overview and vast knowledge. Subsequently, the LogiMAT 2024 brings together industry professionals, visitors, and experts on one platform. It opens doors to new business opportunities, relationships, and networking. 

Consequently, it is a great platform to exhibit and elevate your brand’s presence. But does it get overwhelming for you? No worries! You just need to look out for professionals like exhibition stand builders in Stuttgart, Germany. Read on to learn more about the LogiMAT 2024 trade show. 

LogiMAT 2024 Dates and Location

LogiMAT 2024 will be held from 19 March to 21 March 2024 at Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Stuttgart Germany. So book your dates, mark your calendar, and start looking for the best exhibition stand designers in Stuttgart. 

Dedicated Areas Of LogiMAT Stuttgart 2024

The LogiMAT 2024 will be hosting various side events and will consist show floor. It will showcase the latest services and innovations in 11 categories. Let’s have a look:

  • Material Handling and Storage Technology 
  • Labeling and Identification
  • Warehouse and Equipment 
  • Simulation Software 
  • Storage System Software
  • Shipping and Transport Software
  • Warehouse and Production Controls / Robotics 
  • Stock Management, Inventory, and Archiving Software
  • Packaging, Weighing, Measuring, Franking
  • Energy, Environmental Technology, Recycling, Waste Disposal
  • Public Authorities, Organizations, Education, Media Information, Communication Technologies and More. 

LogiMAT 2024 Exhibitor List

The LogiMAT 2024 trade show is an amazing opportunity to showcase your products and attract as many visitors and industry experts as you can. So don’t you think you should have an idea about your fellow exhibitors and who are they? Well, we made a list of some exhibitors that will be participating in this event. Have a look:

  • LBN Logistikberatung
  • Cellgo
  • Logimat International 
  • Etermet 
  • LogiMAT Digital 
  • WSM Wirtschaftesverlag
  • Kumatech
  • Sivaplan
  • Transport Online 
  • Telogs
  • Agilox 
  • Logistra
  • Treston
  • Tellure Rota 

And many more

Highlights Of LogiMAT Stuttgart 2024

The LogiMAT Stuttgart 2024 will be providing a comprehensive review of various themes in the sector - from procurement to production, packaging, and deliveries. Moreover, it will feature Tracking and Tracing Theatre, the Cargo Securement Event Space, and the Best Products Award Ceremony. However, the LogiMAT was established in 2003 and, since then, this event has been organized annually in Stuttgart as well as China. 

What Makes LogiMAT 2024 Special? 

LogiMAT 2024 strives to set new standards - to establish itself as the biggest and most significant intra-logistics exhibition in Germany. Further, this event incorporates live demonstrations, trade forums, and a marketplace for trade talks - making this event unique. 

The LogiMAT exhibition enlightens practice in the relevant industry, sets new trends, and showcases innovative visions and solutions. Importantly, this show hosts an award ceremony “Best Product” - recognizing innovative exhibitors and their products in three prize categories. 

LogiMAT 2024 Taking Place In Other Countries 

Other than Germany, LogiMAT 2024 will be taking place in other countries and cities as well. We have researched it and drafted a list for you below:

  • LogiMAT India - 28 February to 1 March 2024
  • LogiMAT China - 8 May - 10 May 2024
  • LogiMAT Southeast Asia - 16 October - 18 October, 2024

Why You Should Exhibit At the LogiMAT 2024 Trade Show?

There are various reasons to participate in the LogiMAT 2024 trade show. It opens doors to various opportunities, which ultimately helps in growing your brand. We have listed some of the major benefits of participating in this event. Let’s have a look:

Networking with Industry Specialists: The LogiMAT 2024 trade show will be witnessing some top industry experts and a huge number of visitors. Hence, exhibiting at this event offers a great chance to network with them and learn about tips and tricks to grow your business. 

Forging New Business Relationships: Many organization owners will be attending this event. Consequently, here you can find potential business partners and forge profitable partnerships.  

Stay Updated With the Latest Trends: Attending or exhibiting in this trade show can enlighten you about the industry’s latest trends. Also, you can stay updated about the insights, innovations, and technologies.

What is the accomplishment of our service?

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Pre-build and installation: we are the high-end exhibition stand builders in Europe. Our venture director sorts out the pre-work of your display for the LogiMAT Stuttgart 2023. We take the utmost care before pressing it down. We make sure that our stands are prepared for the genuine presentation format of your career expo setting in LogiMAT 2022 Stuttgart.

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