Maison and Objet

Trade Show Information

Aren't you need the best design for your bedroom and house? Here comes one of the world's decorations, design, and professional lifestyle communities that come together twice a year for Maison and Object Paris with the most phenomenal and exciting trade fair in the heart of Europe. It is the perfect platform to provide exceptional displays and define the lifestyle and decor sector you need.

 Moreover, it makes networking relatively easy and feasible. Paris has 2 hubs: Objet and Maison. In the first one, objective and decorative accessories are placed, and on the other one, the decorations and home interior.

 Maison and Objet Paris 2023

 The Maison and Objet Paris 2023 will be held with grand pomp in the heart of Europe or the town of Eiffel Tower. The show commences from7th September to 11 September 2023 in Paris Nord Villepinte.

 Moreover, you'll always discover more here, with 6,000 businesses and designers, 480,000 referred buyers, and 2 million visitors doing business.

Out of every 5 people, at least 2 show a keen interest in the sector of design and decor. Therefore, the Exhibition invites 3,000 brands and offers an opportunity to meet the world designers with their well-versed and magnificent design and decor.

 Furthermore, in the trend Forum, attendants identify new sources of inspiration and analyze current trends and the type of consumer behavior. If you are keenly interested in participating in this exhibition, contact the Exhibition stand contractor in Paris for your booth as the Exhibition stand supplier in Paris will provide you with a stand-in Exhibition and, in addition to it, some exquisite and sparkling designs and pieces of art at a negotiable price.

 Moreover, the exhibition stand builder in Paris will provide a booth with unique facilities in an area that will quickly connect you to many design industries. In addition, it will attract visitors and entrepreneurs.

Last words

 This period of modernity necessitates a delicate balance between a complete grounding in reality - with handcrafted goods, artistry, and tactile materials. The best thing that ever happened to the world of designs and decor is Maison and Objet.