Gamescom 2024 in Cologne

Trade Show Information

Gamescom 2024 Cologne Trade Fair

Gamescom 2024 Cologne, the largest trade fair for interactive games, will return from 21 to 25 August 2024. Over 100,000 people are expected to participate in this event, and seats are still being filled. Moreover, the Gamescom 2024 location is in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne, Germany. 

However, at last year’s Gamescom Cologne, about 335,000 visitors celebrated the “next generation of gaming.” Subsequently, the journey will continue this year. 

Many exhibitors participate at Gamecon Cologne yearly to showcase their new creative and innovative games. Thus, if you also plan to participate in Gamescom 2024 Cologne, you must prepare to shine among other exhibitors. You can also look out for the best exhibition stand builders in Cologne. Read on to learn more about Gamescom Cologne 2024. 

What Events at Gamescom Cologne 2024 Awaits You?

Gamescom 2024 Cologne is one of the world’s largest gaming conventions. It offers a platform with an exciting lineup of gaming news, reveals, and announcements. This event has something for everyone, from new game releases to cutting-edge technology. Let’s have a look at all the events that await you at Gamescom 2024m - 

  • Game announcements and reveals
  • Gameplay and demos
  • Esports tournaments and competitions
  • Cosplay competitions and fan events
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality experiences


In What Are The Thematic Areas Does Gamescom 2024 Divided?

To make the interaction easy between target visitors and exhibitors, the Gamescom 2024 Cologne is divided into six thematic areas, including - 

  • Independent Zone 
  • Family and Friends 
  • Cargo Area 
  • Retro Games
  • Gamescom Campus
  • Cosplay Village


What Should Be The Exhibitor’s Product Profile To Participate in Gamescom 2024?

Gamescom 2024 Cologne is open for all the companies and organizations to participate if they have products or services to showcase related to the following topics - 

  • Traditional games
  • Baby toys
  • Baby products
  • Battery-operated toys 
  • Battery electronic toys 
  • Candy toys 
  • Die-cast toys
  • Mechanical toys 
  • Action figures
  • Educational toys 
  • Educational games 
  • Hobby goods 
  • Magic items
  • Multiple products
  • Outdoor items 
  • Sporting items
  • Paper toys
  • Party items 
  • Toy parts
  • Toys Accessories
  • Soft toys & dolls 
  • Storybooks 
  • Game content provider
  • Internet gaming


Critical Information About Gamescom Cologne 2024

Gamescom 2024 Cologne is considered the most significant exhibition platform in Europe's gaming and entertainment sectors. This trade show attracts the most passionate international gamers, exhibitors, and visitors. For instance, global market leaders like Epic Games International, Google, Microsoft, and Warner Bros Entertainment attended the last Gamescom trade show. In addition, many eSports suppliers and independent game developers were also present. 

Above all, many exhibiting companies, such as Asus Computer, DXRacer Marketing Europe, Razer, and Trust Gaming, highlighted the hardware trends in the computer and video industry. 

Benefits of Participating in Gamescom Trade Fair 2024 in Cologne

Participating in the Gamescom Cologne 2024, Germany trade fair has numerous benefits for exhibitors. Have a look at some of the major ones below - 

  • Connect with industry professionals, including developers, publishers, and investors.
  • Build partnerships and collaborations through formal and informal interactions.
  • Exhibitors can reach a global audience with attendees from around the world.
  • Enhance brand recognition and visibility within the gaming community.
  • Showcase new products, technologies, and innovations to attract target audiences.
  • Gain extensive exposure from international gaming and mainstream outlets.
  • Observe competitors and understand market trends for strategic insights.
  • Gather leads and build a database of potential customers and partners.


How Can We Help You To Shine at Gamescom Cologne 2024?

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In conclusion, Gamescom 2024 Cologne promises to be a landmark event for the gaming industry. With over 100,000 participants expected, exhibitors can showcase their innovations, connect with industry professionals, and engage with a global audience on the Gamescom 2024 dates from 21 - 25 August 2024. The event's diverse thematic areas and exciting activities, from game demos to esports tournaments, ensure something for everyone. To maximize this opportunity, exhibitors should prepare thoroughly and consider partnering with expert stand builders to stand out.