Prolight + Sound 2024 Trade Show

Trade Show Information

Prolight + Sound 2024 Trade Show Information

Prolight + Sound 2024 is the ultimate global entertainment technology show for light, audio, stage, media, and events. This trade show is an arena for face-to-face meetings with entertainment sectors and international media organizations. The Prolight + Sound 2024 will be welcoming a huge number of exhibitors, visitors, and top industry specialists. Subsequently, it will cover various products and solutions relevant to the events and media industry. Thus, it will be opening doors to amazing opportunities for your brands. 

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Prolight + Sound 2024 Dates and Location

Prolight + Sound 2024 is set to be held from 19 March to 22 March 2024 at Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. The timings are expected to be 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. So buckle up and find the top-notch exhibition stand fabricators in Frankfurt, that enable you to elevate your brand presence in the event. 

Topics To Be Covered At Prolight + Sound 2024

Don’t you think it is important to be enlightened about what are the topics going to be covered at Prolight + Sound 2024? Well, we’ve got you covered!! The topics are given below:

  • Audio & Studio 
  • Theatre & Light 
  • Sustainability & Green 
  • Campus & Career


Products That Can Be Exhibited at Prolight + Sound 2024 

Worried about are the products can be exhibited at the Prolight + Sound 2024 trade show? We have listed the products. Let’s have a look:

  • Consumer Goods 
  • Television Music 
  • Photography 
  • Event Organization
  • Audiovisual 
  • Lighting
  • Multimedia Art 
  • Events 
  • Cinema
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Electronics


Subsectors of Prolight + Sound 2024

Prolight + Sound 2024 is all set to host various live demonstrations by industry professionals. These will be divided into sub-sectors under 5 main stages:

  • ProLight - Lighting technology, Spotlights, and projectors, Multifunctional spotlights, lighting effects and mood lighting, Lighting controls, Ceiling rail systems
  • ProAudio - Sound equipment, Microphones, and accessories, Amplifiers, mixing desks and effects, Recording and reproduction equipment, Recording, accessories, Computer, and multimedia
  • ProMedia - Projection and display technology, media controls and networks, Camera, Camera technology, film- and video technology, specific accessories for media technology, Trade media, associations and institutions
  • ProStage - Stage technology, Stages, Floors, Truss systems/motors, Specific accessories for stage technology, Trade media, Associations, and institutions
  • ProEvent - Security technology, Audible signal (warning) devices, Emergency lighting, CCTV, Security (general), Equipment, and Infrastructure


Prolight + Sound Exhibitor List

Do you want to know against whom are you going to be competing in the Prolight + Sound 2024 or who will be your fellow exhibitors? We got it sorted with the Prolight + Sound Exhibitor List, have a look:

  • Video-machinery GmbH
  • LSC Control Systems Pty. Ltd. 
  • RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau
  • Roxx GmbH
  • RCF SpA
  • Rentman B.V. 
  • Lotronic S.A. 

And many more

Some Critical Information About Prolight + Sound 2024

Prolight + Sound was introduced in 1995 and since then over 1800 companies have showcased their products and services in audio, lighting, stage, media, laser, projector, video, and security technology. 

Why Should You Participate in Prolight + Sound  2024?

Participating in the Prolight + Sound 2024 trade show can benefit you in several ways. Some of the major benefits are given below:


  • Networking Opportunities: Prolight + Sound attracts professionals from around the world, opening doors to amazing opportunities - connect with industry professionals and potential clients. Networking at this event can help you to make valuable partnerships and business opportunities.


  • Stay Updated: The event offers insights into the latest trends, innovations, and technologies shaping the industry. Attending seminars, workshops, and product showcases can help you stay ahead.


  • Product Showcase: Prolight + Sound 2024 offers a platform for companies to showcase their latest products, services, and solutions. It's an excellent opportunity to explore new offerings, compare different options, and discover innovative solutions to meet your business needs.


  • Market Expansion: For organizations looking to expand their market reach, participating in Prolight + Sound can be a great option. It provides exposure to a global audience and helps in establishing your brand presence in markets.


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In conclusion, Prolight + Sound 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for professionals and businesses in the entertainment technology sector. With its comprehensive coverage of light, audio, stage, media, and events, this trade show offers a platform for networking, staying updated on industry trends, showcasing products, and expanding market reach. Participating in Prolight + Sound 2024 opens doors to valuable connections, innovative solutions, and business growth. To maximize your presence at the event, consider partnering with experienced exhibition stand builders who can help elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this dynamic event and propel your business forward.