Vitafoods 2024

Trade Show Information

Vitafoods Europe 2024 Expo Information

Vitafoods Europe 2024 is a leading exhibition showcasing all the aspects of the global nutraceutical enterprise. This event is expecting to witness over 15,000 industry experts coming from 130+ countries. The Vitafoods Europe 2024 will be focusing on critical sectors of the food sector. These critical sectors include ingredients and raw materials, branded and finished products, contract manufacturing private labels, services, and equipments. Most importantly, some top industry experts and a huge number of visitors will be attending this event. 

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Vitafoods 2024 Europe Location, Dates and Timings

For the last time in 2024, the Vitafood Europe will be held in Geneva. From next year, it will be moving to Barcelona. However, the details of Vitafoods Europe 2024 are:

Vitafood 2024 Europe dates are starting from 14 to 16 May 2024 and the venue is Palexpo, Rte Francois-Peyrot 30. 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland. The timings are set to be 9:30 - 18:00 for the first two days, whereas for the last day, it will be 9:30 - 16:00. 

So book your dates and make your calendars - start looking for the top exhibition stand designers in Europe. 

What is The History Of Vitafoods Europe 2024?

In 1997, Vitafood Europe was launched by Nick Hawker - after the 10 year of launch of CPL Business Consultants. This event was launched to meet the growing demands of the emerging nutraceutical industry. The Vitafood was organized because Nick believed there was a necessity of dedicated exhibitions and scientific conferences - to fill the gap in the market. 

By 2019, the show started noticing the growth in attendees - it welcomed 1250+ exhibitors and 25000+ visitors. However, in 2021, it adopted a hybrid format - an in-person event at Palexpo, plus an online event running in parallel.  

Key Industry Sectors Of Vitafoods Europe 2024

The expo, Vitafoods Europe 2024 Geneva, will showcase a huge number of products and specialized services covering four key industry sectors, including -

  • Ingredients & Raw Materials 
  • Branded Finished Products 
  • Contract Manufacturing & Private Label
  • Services & Equipment

Vitafoods Europe 2024 Divided Into Various Areas

The Vitafoods Europe 2024 exhibition will be divided into some special theaters and areas. Have a look:

  • New Ingredients Theatre
  • Vitafoods Insight Theatre
  • New Ingredients Zone 
  • New Products Zone 

Is Vitafoods 2024 Happening in Other Parts of the World Other Than Europe?

Do you know that Vitafoods 2024 is not just happening in Europe? Yes, it will be held in other parts of the world too. The place and dates are given below:

Event Name 



  Vitafoods Asia 

  18 - 20 September 2024

  Bangkok, Thailand

  Vitafoods India

  5 - 7 February, 2025

  Mumbai, India


Who Will Be Attending The Vitafoods Europe 2024?

Experts and exhibitors from all sectors of the global nutraceutical industry attend Vitafoods Europe 2024. They come together to source suppliers of ingredients, raw materials, dietary supplements, and services. Below is the given list of attendees:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Service Providers
  • Retailers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Private Label Providers

Exhibitor List Of Vitafoods 2024

It’s always better to know who else is going to exhibit beside you in Vitafoods Europe 2024, beforehand. It helps to prepare you better and be ready to face some biggest companies in the sector. The Vitafoods Europe 2024 exhibitor list is given below:

  • Ab Biotics S.A. 
  • Agrana 
  • Corbion 
  • Kreglinger Europe NV 
  • Intertek 

And many more…

What Are The Benefits Of Exhibiting at Vitafoods Geneva 2024?

Participating in Vitafoods Europe 2024 opens doors to many amazing opportunities for your brand. Some of the major advantages are given below:

Generate Leads and Grow Business
Participating in Vitafoods Europe 2024 enables you to engage directly with industry professionals to capture leads and nurture relationships. Consequently, driving business growth through tailored solutions and understanding customer needs.

Build New Partnerships

Get a chance to forge collaborations within the nutraceutical industry by networking with diverse stakeholders, identifying synergies, and exploring opportunities for mutual benefit at Vitafoods Geneva 2024.

Maximise Brand Exposure

Elevate your brand's visibility globally by showcasing products, engaging in thought leadership, and leveraging sponsorship opportunities at Vitafoods Geneva 2024, reinforcing credibility and fostering long-term loyalty.

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In conclusion, Vitafoods Europe 2024 stands as a premier exhibition for the global nutraceutical industry, poised to host over 15,000 experts from 130+ countries. With its focus on critical sectors and a history of growth and innovation, this event offers unparalleled opportunities for exhibitors to expand their businesses, forge new partnerships, and enhance their brand exposure. As the event transitions to Barcelona from 2025 onwards, now is the time for exhibitors to seize the moment, connect with top exhibition stand builders, and make a lasting impact at Vitafoods Europe 2024. Join us and let Fountainhead International B.V. elevate your exhibition experience to new heights.