Drupa 2024 Dusseldorf

Trade Show Information

Drupa 2024 Trade Show Information

Drupa 2024 is the world's largest trade fair for the printing and media industry. It brings together global suppliers in the print and media industry. Exhibitors worldwide gather to exhibit their products and services relevant to print and media pre-press, printing machines, bookbinding, paper processing, and Druckaterial. Moreover, the Drupa 2024 is expected to witness around 1837 exhibitors from  54 countries and 260000 visitors from 188 countries. Thus, Drupa 2024 offers a fantastic platform to grow your brand by networking with industry leaders and attracting potential customers. 

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What Are The Drupa 2024 Dates and Location?

Drupa 2024 Dusseldorf will be held 11 days from 28 May to 7 June 2024, i.e., Tuesday to Friday in Dusseldorf, Germany. 

The exact Drupa 2024 location is Messe Dusseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstr. 61, 40474 Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 

Drupa Is Back After Eight Years

Drupa was introduced in 1951, and it is held every few years. The most recent edition was Drupa 2016. Subsequently, the next edition was scheduled to take place in 2020 but was postponed to 2021 due to Covid. Still, it was canceled altogether, and a virtual fair was conducted in 2021. 

Thus, technically, the show is resuming after eight years of physical form, and it is regarded as “the leading global trade fair for print technologies.” This comeback after eight years makes this even more special. 

What Are Topics Will Be Covered at Drupa 2024? 

Top manufacturers and suppliers are all set to present their most innovative products and services relevant to the print and packaging industries. Plus! They will be enlightening you about highlight topics of - 

  • Functional 
  • 3D and Industrial Printing 
  • Print Products
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Future Technologies


What Will be New In Drupa 2024 Edition?

The addition to the Drupa 2024 edition is the Touchpoint textile show - offering displays and presentations that reflect the rising significance of digital textile printing. 

Witness The Grand Array Of Drupa Hotspots

The Drupa 2024 has developed itself as a perfect B2B platform for a strong start in the new business season. Thus, being the most prominent event in the industry, it will cover all the products from the sector. Above all, the trade fair will be complemented by a wide range of Drupa hotspots, including - 

  • Drupa Cube
  • Touchpoint - 3D Printing Platform 
  • DNA Drupa Era Next
  • Paper and Digital Conferences 

Drupa 2024 Exhibitor’s List

Do you want to know who else will exhibit at Drupa 2024 besides you? We brought you the Drupa 2024 exhibitors' list. Have a look:

  • AB Graphic International Ltd.
  • Amica Technology AB
  • 4 Films GmbH

And many more…

Highlights Of Drupa 2024 Dusseldorf

Drupa 2024 Dusseldorf offers a platform for companies in the printing and textile industry to showcase their products internationally. Plus! This event features a range of activities and events catering to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Have a look at some of the key highlights- 

Exhibition Halls:

Explore the vast array of cutting-edge printing and textile technologies showcased in the exhibition halls at Drupa 2024 Dusseldorf. From innovative machinery to the latest developments in printing materials, witness the industry's future firsthand.

Conferences and Seminars:

Participate in Drupa 2024 and get a chance to attend insightful conferences and seminars at Drupa Dusseldorf 2024, where industry experts share their knowledge and expertise. Stay updated on the latest trends, techniques, and strategies shaping the printing and textile sectors.

Awards and Recognition:

Celebrate excellence and innovation in the printing and textile industry at Drupa 2024 Dusseldorf. The event recognizes outstanding achievements, honoring companies and individuals pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity.

Educational Program:

Engage in a comprehensive educational program designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. From hands-on workshops to informative sessions, Drupa 2024 Germany provides valuable learning opportunities for professionals at all levels.

Networking Opportunities:

Forge valuable connections with industry peers, experts, and potential partners at Drupa 2024. Take advantage of the numerous networking events and build relationships to drive your business forward.

Sharpen Your Expertise:

Refine your skills and expertise through specialized training sessions and workshops tailored to meet the needs of printing and textile professionals. Drupa 2024 offers the perfect platform to enhance your capabilities and stay ahead in the industry.

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In conclusion, Drupa 2024 promises to be the top event in the printing and media industry, offering an unmatched platform for global suppliers to showcase their latest products and services. With 1837 exhibitors from 54 countries and an anticipated 260,000 visitors from 188 countries, Drupa 2024 is set to be a dynamic networking opportunity. Preparation is key, but with services like top exhibition stand builders in Dusseldorf, you can focus on your presentations while they handle the rest. Elevate your brand presence at Drupa 2024 and shine brightly in the industry.