Trade Show Information

Mark your presence at the Spielwarenmesse Toy fair, 2024

Hey folks! There’s good news for you. Spielwarenmesse is hosting the 2024 Toy Fair in Nuremberg from 30 Jan to 03 Feb. The Toy fair will be bringing the toy hub-based celebrities from around the globe.  In 4 days, the visitors will get an opportunity of witnessing the unique innovations and interactive attractions in terms of the leading toys. 

There will be brands, startups, retailers, as well as media representatives who will be sharing the stage at the Spielwarenmesse 2024 Nuremberg event.

So, aren't you interested in showing your best effort at the golden opportunity for witnessing the world debut of the toy industry in the coming year? On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the trade fair, many presenters will visit the center of attraction to enjoy the activities and events of the trade fair.

The exhibition stands and promotional set up with the in-house production facilities from Fountainhead  will deliver the profitable and engaging experiences for connecting the people and brands. 

Our work procedure:

We, the Exhibition Stand Builder Germany Company follow an outstanding approach and the stepwise procedure for building the stand that will work exceptionally well in the exhibition.

Our stand builder company professionals first go ahead with the free project list in a detailed manner for listing what kind of stands and booths will stand out. These designs will meet the objectives of your company. Then, we will upload the design idea according to the relevant information that you provide us.

We will then inform the team of designers and stand builders about the accessory, and details of the project through their account. Then we go ahead with reviewing the exact requirements for seeing how worthy our solutions are for your project.

After designing the blueprint, we take the consent of the clients and clarification regarding the exhibition. Then, we proceed towards the explanation of the finer details and assigning them to give a realistic touch. We always pay attention to the recommendations by our clients to avoid any kinds of unnecessary repetition.

What makes us the superior most?

We are a talented team of graphic designers and exhibition stand builders who are perfect for the large to small international toy brands. We will offer you the opportunities including networking with peers and seeing the latest innovations through the custom created exhibition stands and booths.

You can include all your ideas in your exhibition and present them to the visitors at the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2024. We will make the experience of your team quite an attractive one. We design and install the range of interior and exterior project and booths that will be standard for the toy shows all around the globe

We have always presented our best during the toy events over the years. Our exhibition stands have attracted plenty of existing companies around the globe. So, we strive to mark the best with the range of independent and multiple toy based stores and client’s in the future.